Group Data

Although the phone memory is often large enough, but while the phone’s memory remains accessible after a loss or theft usually, the Finder Gets not to data stored on the SIM card. To the original owner of the phone should be basic safety precautions – met, for example, activate the PIN code request. PIN request protects personal data as clever protective function against unauthorized access introduced, but deviated in some mobile phone users of the convenience: the PIN query. This protective mechanism locks the access to the data reliably. At the latest when the battery is empty. And yet 15 percent shut down anyway, so the result of the E-Plus survey, the function.

Just two percent of forgetfulness – they can get the PIN simply do not notice. Anyone noticed the loss, is called upon to act swiftly: one call to your mobile service provider can block the card. This is wise, who also puts the number of the hotline in the purse or wallet. Some providers charge for calls that don’t come from your own mobile phone. Before these fees back to scare, but mean to save at the wrong end. Finally can be so successfully prevent unplanned costs. These include expensive international calls or calls to special numbers. Tips of the E-Plus Group to protect of the data: turn PIN code: the PIN should basically be queried after every time you turn the phone.

So, it prevents a further abuse if the battery is discharged. SIM card instead of phone memory: telephone numbers are better in the SIM card’s memory. Loss of cell phones, the data against abuse are largely protected. Someone swapped the SIM, no personal data can be found more in the mobile. Security features of the phones: many newer mobile phones offer the ability to block access to individual applications of the phone with a security code.