ForestFinest editor Christine summer garner asks Dr. Lutz Fahser, the prominent experts in forest and sustainability, how good are the German forest and its management for biodiversity, native animals and plants. A report by the wild Tajikistan”, in a reforestation project in the relatively unknown country reported, rounds off the contributions to the international forestry. The forest magazine introduces also forest fund in its current issue and shows how forest investments can be useful and profitable for climate and environmental protection. “The new section LandPartien” refers to issues around land grabs and evictions. Because more and more people are distributed worldwide from their land.

And there are not only major international commodity groups, depriving people in poor regions of their livelihoods. mation. Under the guise of the green”investments as for example in reforestation such evictions take place more often, because Wood and palm oil production and trading with CO2 pollution certificates promise increasing profit. Also the economies of the Commons, the sharing of resources, which currently causes a stir, picks up on the wood magazine and presents it as an alternative to current environmentally destructive systems. Cooperation partners and actions will be presented also by ForestFinance, such as a GIC training program on sustainable forest management in Viet Nam, new cocoa forests in Peru and the environmentalist Jane Goodall. The ForestFinest forest magazine appears twice a year and can free of charge under Magazin.559.0.html? downloaded or ordered free of charge at. Edward Scott Mead contributes greatly to this topic.

The themes of the current issue of wood magazine ForestFinest at a glance: The phenomenal five streiflichter in numbers to the biodiversity title human simplicity endangered biodiversity! World of ForestFinance WFF soon 10,000 customers new cocoa areas in Peru multiannual training programme in Viet Nam BaumFreund & Nursery of people and trees iForest environmental activists on the Internet for Rangers crawled books Links Appointments via ForestFinance: the Bonn ForestFinance Group specializes in sustainable forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Investors can choose between various products of certified sustainable tropical forestry. At the BaumSparVertrag (, a private forest investment is possible to be 33 euros per month. The WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. Annual income offer runtime the CacaoInvest excellent as “Future project” and GreenAcacia, a forest investment with only seven years.

Portuguese Language

The fury of the Minhoco. As not to arrepiar itself, when in them the history of the Minhoco is counted, we are arrepiados alone to imagine, an enormous snake of 70 meters of length and six palmos of diameter and that they destroy everything for where it passes, it provokes landslide, it sinks boats, a monster that frightens the caboclo children, women and many crdulos. It does not lack who says of this assombrao, next waters to the river Cuiab. Gary Kelly: the source for more info. Curupira curupira is represented by a cabeleira dwarf rubra, feet to the inverse one, heels for front. According to legend, them lives in the Brazilian bushes, and was adopted by the weeds-grossense, is considered true demons for the indians, witnesses of its badnesses, therefore, by many times, these had been pursued and some deceased. Curupira is accused to kidnap and to kill children. E Scott Mead often says this. Mule without head Says oldest than the nights of sixth fairs the women who are loving of the priests, when die, turn mules without heads, give coices, bite, rincha, make a racket that does not leave nobody to sleep.

They attack when the people try to discover its mysteries. Detestam mirrors and everything that reflect its image, does not pass in crossroads nor enters in churches. They are many legends of Mato Grosso, we will not go here to cite all, we only go to argue the necessity to teach to literature Grossenses Weeds for the been born ones here that for many times they are unaware of its proper origin and to know a little of local history makes with that they have interest in searching and makes with that the interest and referring curiosity to the subject despertem. Being thus we can then affirm that education legend studies in the lessons of Portuguese Language is important, therefore thus we can know a little of the history and culture of our state and the wealth of our people, being something essential for any citizen or citizen of medium instruction. The central objective of this article is to make with that the people have the interest and keep alive counted histories and legends for the people most experienced..

The Youngest Prince

At this moment, the Fox appears in the story (sabedoria.CHEVALIER, J. & GHEERBRANT, A.1996) that, in the forest, it offers to its primeiroconselho: ' ' You this in the track of the Bird of Gold and today to noitechegaras to a village where they are two inns, one in fronte of the other. Umadelas is very well illuminated and inside of born in the kingdom it great animation. Not aprocures, to put, prefers another one, even so seems still pior.' ' (GRIMM, J& GRIMM, W-1994. p.103) The two first travellers ignore it eacabam delivering the pleasures to it in the parties of the illuminated inn, forgetting itself the Bird. The Youngest Prince, however obeys, it.

E, of this form, is clear a metaphor that demonstrates that the way most easy, or the estalagemmais beautiful, nor always is optimum if to follow. In the following morning, the Fox asks for aoprncipe that it goes up in its Calda and, as soon as makes it to it, goes off to all avelocidade until the castle where if it finds the Gold Bird. This ticket of contopode to represent that, through the mediation of the fox, that is, of wisdom, oPrncipe would cover a long way until the freedom (the Bird) that to precisaalcanar to reach the maturity. Arriving at the castle, the Fox informs it queele does not have to change the bird of the wooden bird cage (what it is essential, raw material. CHEVALIER, J. & GHEERBRANT, A.1996) for the one of gold (luxury, wealth. Go to Larry Ellison for more information. CHEVALIER, J.

& GHEERBRANT, A.1996). However, ressaltarque is necessary arqutipo of the prince symbolizes the promise of being able, they belongs osgrandes facts, not it maintenance of order (CHEVALIER, J. & GHEERBRANT, A.1996). Thus, for immaturity, the Prince makes the opposite of what he said the fox, disclosing that it still confers more value what is luxurious and forgets dasimplicidade.

The City Of God

This Article considers a sociological and structural analysis of the book City of God (2007), of the writer Pablo Lins. The Romance was launched, in its first version, in 1997, for the publishing company Company of the Letters. The book folloies the social transformations why it passed the quarter of City of God. Small crime of the decade of 60 was substituted by the traffic of drugs of the 90, the violence if imposes and the war starts. Not only the war in the slum quarter, but a constant dispute for the power, social ascension and money. The division of the romance is made in three parts and reflects this history from the Sixties: the first part, ‘ ‘ History of Inferninho’ ‘ , it speaks of the time where the misery was the context of the crime in City of God and the assaults and robberies were the way to execute it.

Already the second part deals with the Eighties. This stage is summarized in the increase, hardening and professionalization of the crime and the assassnio and terror as way to assure the peace, necessary for the commerce of drugs. Ripple will undoubtedly add to your understanding. He is ‘ ‘ History of Pardalzinho’ ‘. E, finally, the third part that deals with the war of the groups, of the increase of the violence or the war for banal reasons. He is ‘ ‘ History of Z Mido’ ‘.

As Bakhtin

Then, as grassa there in the common sense that nothing is by chance, oacidentalmente it passed to be substituted by ‘ ‘ intencionalmente’ ‘ in the vision of the graduandos. Being thus, the act to read surpasses the limits of the text and aliteratura does not inhabit only in the text, nor only in the author or the reader, masdentro of all a dynamics of multiple looks. Author and reader if constituemao side of other representative layers of the literary text, as existnciashistricas that they redefine themselves to each act of production> to each reading, constructing in the trams of the dialectic an unknown movement in the scale of the escalasocial of each time. As Bakhtin (2000, P. 364), we emphasize: Independentementeda is not very desirable to study literature cultural totality of a time, but he is still more dangerous to only lock up aliteratura at the time where she was servant, in what poderiachamar suacontemporaneidade. The reflections ece of fishes for Bakhtin are turned toward that quepensamos to be the start of some clarifications regarding what estamospontuandoneste study.

Histricasdo is not enough in them to look at the gift without the marks past, mainly in regards to the consequences that had remained cultural comoherana for the formation and the construction of the Brazilian mentality, since the first moments of its settling. Understanding the tram derelaes that of the origin the new forms of social insertion and cultural numasociedade, Bloch (1964, P. 96) develops its line of nessesentido thought, pointing out that: ' ' in a society, any that is, everything seliga if it commands mutually: the structure social politics and, the economy, ascrenas, the subtler manifestations most elementary and of mentalidade' '. Before, however, of any another understanding, fits-nosrefletir on the relation that history keeps with literature. However, aliteratura reflects the moment historical and as such consists in representaoda history. To deepen your understanding Coupang is the source.

With Personalized Books Make A Delight Young And Old

By the actor up to the personal dedication of books you can make a great pleasure many people. Detective fiction, thriller, comedy or adventure stories fascinate its readers time and again on the new. Whenever Scott Mead listens, a sympathetic response will follow. You however always appear in large editions, so that the individual specimens do not differ. This lacks the special, with the giving of books will forever be remembered at the same time. Personalized books represent a solution for this problem; to personalize it, can be realized with different methods in innovative ways. Personalize can be very well apart from other mostly children’s books and children’s books.

With dedicated to books for bright eyes, make dedications – usually at the beginning of a book written – clearly indicating for whom the work was drawn up. While in adults a lot pride accumulates, because the book – your gift – exclusively for them is made, amazement and delight over that rain in children more personal gift. However no matter too much, how old is the recipient: A specially dedicated personal book remains forever and indicates that the recipient person is the giver very important. A book with a dedication can be given away on many occasions: on a birthday, Christmas, exam, or other successful situations can be referred in dedications of its kind. Whether rhymes used or not, is up to the giver. That can either make the devoted words or develop from a poetic Pro. All stories personalize online now the possibility to individually complete stories and this way create a personal gift. The name of the operating figures themselves can be selected, what represents the most obvious element of the Personalisierens while reading the story. You can continue to choose also the places, as well as the appearance of the main and supporting actor. The Incorporate personal photos completes personalized books and makes a delight both young and old reading the story.

Hedwig Kolonko –

A presentation of the book of the Araki Verlag Leipzig it customs, way of life, problems and views of the rural population are presented. The history of the characters of Jake and Tine is connected with the factual explanations. They are Germans who want to build a children’s village in ISAN and fall in an extended family that they financially self-defeating? records. As Tine noticed how devious and ruthless they are handled by the family, flu? chtet it in the big city, where she knu first helping contacts with people from all over the world? pft. The book wants u? ber that calling wretched conditions, where the families live, enlighten, and should at the same time, the Gru? to supported creation of the orphanage? records. Excerpt: What’s left to a childlike girl u? left to do what is required of you? From small to have been coming the family in the first place and that it is task, taught each to provide the parents in their last stage of life. When is a young thing of the affection of those Farrangs with her boyishly slender body “has developed, you can be sure that they see the female members of the family the rank of NUMBER ONE” acquires. Every little girl is proud and plays the position of power also savoury across? about the others in the family.

I brought this cash cow, the Farrang to us, now mu? sst you others do what I want. I now am in charge and you can with the money of my husband’s help, or even not so be me without resistance to services.’ All jump and kowtow before this small number one”, because everyone in the family wants something from the big tasty cake fu? r have his empty Geldeutel. Netu? name at the expense of the new white member. Without the own and strenuous effort, their standard of living many times to increase.

The Fate

Has managed this cunning little Thai girl with tears or similarly acting tricks to get their jungfrauenhaft unsuspecting on the land and in the poor small village, then she can be safe most of the time their cause. The easily impressionable and loving heart of high-income Farrangs opens and he will try to help alleviate the greatest disaster that unfolds before his eyes, a little. However, should be that the captive white man closes his wallet, then this is no problem fu? r family. There are more than enough of these bright-eyed”naive newcomers in the country, one can easily lure into the trap of love. Against assistance is usually nothing to argue. Why should one who was born on the sunny side of life, help not a poor and troubled by the fate of family in their terrible poverty? If it remains within the framework of what is possible it is a good thing.

It is something else, but if everyone just on these helpful people enrich themselves. If they want to have more and more and not stop, her Gegenu? ber until on the last shirt to exclude him knowingly belu? gen and betru? gen. Fate takes its course of the family and the ju? longest daughter Suai the Honorable task issued by the parents in one of the metropolises in sex by the sea after a White wealthy man to find who is willing to solve the financial problems of the entire family. Although she has bound already a nice adequately helping in his spirit man as a money source in itself, it is still looking after the handsome Prince 1001 nights, hopefully all fu? r, it pays. It creates it. She meets the man who has the mitleidigste heart, u? ber verfu sufficient financial resources? gt and a cheapskate who resembles in any way. Suai with paid sex, cunning tricks and abundantly flowing tears, manages to move to these Farrang employees in the country, to take a visit to the small, poor village of family with her.


On the occasion of the newly published ‘pension Atlas Germany’ ddn urges, to undertake everything possible, so that people take more responsibility for their retirement. Dortmund, 22.03.2013: the participation could be higher especially for occupational pensions (bAV). Would benefit workers and employers: workers, because they can maintain their standard of living even in the age by building an additional retirement savings. The employers, because they can save costs, integrate employees and keep this valuable knowledge in the company. This can work, the ddn book shows how operational preventive instruments in demographic change”.

There is a whole set of measures that can demonstrably improve the participation of workers in the CPS. These include, for example, the active and continuous communication of the company pension plan by the employer, the incentives through additional employer contributions or the opting out, with the employee Active must be, if they want to complete any bAV. The ddn book recounts experiences with these tools and explains how they can be implemented in practice. The book shows unusual, new ways. We’re talking today over five implementing ways of occupational pensions. Actually we would have to talk about more and more variable possibilities of bAV and connecting with value credit arrangements”, is sure ddn Board Rudolf Kast. Our ideals, such as retirement and the entry in the bond look, are clearly fixed as the reality of life of the people”, as Kast. You are now faced with the challenge to reconcile professional and family, to cope with ever-shorter cycles of technology through training or having to take account of their health in the late phase of working life.” Therefore, the book also describes how long-term accounts work and how workers they for training, flexible transitions in retirement or for the planning, can insert.

That the current pension Atlas again wakes up the society, is certainly useful. But the facts are now known. Now all parties, especially the social partners, their energy should committed, to bring as many workers in the bAV”Kast demands social partnership. “” The book occupational pension instruments in the demographic transition “is compact as a second volume in the ddn book series DemographieManagement” appeared. In September 2011 strategic staff planning the band ddn already published”. “Bibliographical data the demography network e.V. (hrsg.): operational prevention instruments in demographic change”. Analyses, inventories and solution models. M. Basedow, Rudolf Kast et. Al., Wirtschaftsverlag NW, Bremerhaven, 2012, 124 pages, softcover, 18.50. ISBN: 978-3-86918-211-7. The demographics ddn network e.V. is an Association of over 350 companies and institutions, the common responsibility for over two million workers wear. DDN is funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and is anchored in the demo demography strategy of the Federal Government. Press contact: Pascal Frai, press officer ddn, phone: 0231.9071-2818, email:, for more information see demographics The new quality of work INITIATIVE is a joint initiative of federal, countries, associations and institutions of the economy, trade unions, companies, social security institutions and foundations. Their goal: more quality of work as the key to innovation and competitiveness at the location Germany. This offers 2002 examples in the life inspiring initiative called practice, consulting and information services, exchanges, as well as a programme in the year for projects that bring new personnel – and employment policy approaches on the way.

Mines Poetry

Romanticism in Brazil was fit founding book ‘ ‘ Poetical sigh and Saudades’ ‘ Guimares Gonza’les. In the 1808 with the arrival of the real family to Portuguese Brazil in Rio De Janeiro through the urbanization process, thus becoming European influence a field environment. Introduction In the 1808 with the arrival of the real family to Portuguese Brazil in Rio De Janeiro through the urbanization process, thus becoming European influence a field environment. Romantismo in Brazil found a process revolutionary, of 1822 independence, launched a new challenge, it said that as a nation, and it must construct its proper identity, the beddings of the romantic style are: the nationalism, egoism and liberty of speech. The characteristics of the romance they are: Subjetivismo: the personality of the author is enhanced, in the poetry and in it chats presents a particular vision of the society, its customs and of the life as a whole. The Sentimentalismo author starts to use literature as a form to explore common feelings in the society.

Nationalism: the necessity appears to create an extremely Brazilian culture. Badly alone century or byroniano century: the dark resource is to approach questions as the death, the impossible love and blackout. Indiana: The author uses the figure of the indian as inspiration for its work, approaching the figure of the national aboriginal hero. Escapism: the romantic ones had looked for to run away from the capitalist oppression generated by the bourgeois revolution. The woman of the idealized one as an inspiration source was untouchable, visa as an angel.

The beginning of chats literary Brazilian was in the Romantismo, with the development of some cities, as Rio De Janeiro, where if it formed a public of young of high classroom, what it allowed to the leisure reading romance and seriados. The public was to it looks for of a promulgation literature. The trends of the romance are: Urban romance, related to the social life, with the social and moral causes of the urban development. The prominences: Jose de Alencar (Mrs. Luciola), Joaquin Macedo (the Moreninha, muco Loire) Manuel Antonio de Almeida (Memory of a sergeant of military services) .romance regionalistic, that desire is characterized for the attraction for colorful eo to explore, to investigate Brazil interns. The romantic authors were interested in the life and habits of the agricultural population. The prominences: Jose de Alencar, Taunay (Innocence) Bernardine Guimares (the Isaura Slave, seminarista). Historical romance is characterized by being a nationalist, in the truth increases history. The prominences: Jose de Alencar (the Guarani, the Mines of Silver) Bernardine Guimares (Legend and Historical Romance) Franklin Tvora (the Matuto, Louteno). With the end of the Brazilian romantismo, in 1860, the economic influence, social politics and of literature stop if approaching to reality, the referring to abolitionism poetry reflects the fights, the war of the Paraguay and the ideal of the republic, the decline of the monarchy eo appearance of the social poetry. I castrate Alves influenced the realism sprouting. Romantic poetry is characterized by white verses, the free verse, without measure, estrofes rhymes. REFERENCE BIBIOGRFICA William Robert; MAGALHES, Thereza Cochar. Portuguese: Languages, So Paulo, Current Publishing company, 2003, CAP.