Class Cable

VVGzng – power cable with copper conductors and insulation made of PVC. The shell of the cable is made of PVC with low flammability zapolneniem.Konstruktsiya Underlying Copper cable is conductive solid or stranded live round or sector shape. Once upon a consistent 1 or Class 2 Standard 22483. Conductor insulation is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. As a rule, multi-strand cables, each isolated vein has a different color or a number, which is placed by printing or stamping (digit height 4 mm, the distance between the numbers – up to 35 mm). Click Nomura for additional related pages. Zero veins usually have a light blue or blue insulation, and grounding wires – yellow-green. In multi-strand cable is twisted cores. Filling and cover – of PVC reduced goryuchesti.Tehnicheskie and operating characteristics of the power cable VVGzng can be operated at a temperature of -50 C to +50 C and humidity up to 98% at +35 C.

Long-term allowable temperature of the heating cables in the living the process of costavlyaet +70 C. Short circuit duration up to 4 with the maximum permissible temperature of living should not exceed +160 C. In emergency mode allowed heating cables must be lived no more than +80 C. The duration of the cables must be at least 8 hours a day, but not more than 1,000 hours of life. Lay cable VVGzng recommended at temperatures below -15 C (without preheating).

At The minimum bending radius should not exceed 7.5 of its outer diameter. Rated frequency cable VVGzng is 50 Hz. Test ac voltage at 50 Hz voltage 0.66 kV – 3 kV to 1 kV – 3.5 kV. Guarantee period – 5 years from the date of commissioning. The service life of up to 30 VVGzng let.Sfera VVGzng of cables used for power transmission and distribution in fixed installations in rated voltage of 660 V and 1000 V at 50 Hz. As a rule, they are laid in dry and wet production areas, on cable racks, and in subway systems in nuclear power plants outside of containment. Also, cables VVGzng used for electrical power, requiring the sealing of cables in the electrical input.

Electrical Equipment

Thus, all of the above can be summarized in the following table Type of failure Possible Cause of power investigation Undervoltage, Voltage dips overloaded network, unstable operation of the system voltage control network connecting consumers, power which is comparable to the power section of the mains power supply overloads electronic devices and decrease their life. Turn off equipment when there is insufficient for it to work stress. Failure motors. Data loss in computers. Further details can be found at Barclays, an internet resource. Disruptions in the boiler equipment overvoltage underutilized network, lack of effective regulatory system work, turning off the power consumers Exit equipment failure. Emergency shutdown of equipment with data loss in computers. High-voltage pulses Atmospheric electricity, enabling or disabling power of consumers, the commissioning of the power system after a crash. The failure of sensitive equipment.

Electrical noise to enable or disable power consumers. Mutual influence of working near electrical equipment. Failures in the implementation of programs and data transfer. Unstable images on video monitors and video systems. Blackout voltage fuse in case of overload, staff unprofessional actions, accidents on the lines power.

Loss of data. On very old computers – the failure of the hard drives. Turning off the boiler equipment Harmonic voltage distortion significant proportion of the load network are nonlinear consumers are equipped with a pulsed power supplies (computers, communications equipment). Improperly designed electrical network, working with non-linear loads, overloaded neutral wire. Interference when using sensitive equipment (radio and television systems, measuring systems, etc.) Strong Unstable frequency overloading the power system in general. Loss of control system overheating of transformers.


Lucky classified by type of film-forming. Nitrocellulose lacquers ("nitro lacquer") – are very popular because of road works in everyday life. They are a mixture of tar, varnish and various kolloksilina plasticizers are dissolved in organic solvents. These paints are not expensive, and frozen in just one hour. Nitro lacquer used in the manufacture nitroenamels, such as, for example, enamel NTs-132, which is characteristic also very fast drying. Enamel NTs-132 brought to a viscosity of solvents, most commonly used solvent 646. Without hesitation Vanguard Group explained all about the problem. Lack of nitro lacquer is to follow certain rules Safety when working with them, as fire and toxic paints.

Nitrocellulose lacquers are currently produced mainly in the borders of the former USSR and in Europe, such products are not used because of environmental danger. Alkyd paints – solutions in organic solvents, synthetic (or pentaphthalic glyptal) alkyd resins. Alkyd paints have the advantage over other polishes: they are resistant to moisture and durability of the coating. Applied varnish with a brush or roller, or spray. Dried surfaces coated with alkyd paint, have a good decorative properties. Alkyd paints can be used during both internal and external works. Alkyd varnishes (PF-053 and FS-060) are used as semi-finished products in the manufacture of alkyd enamel (eg, enamel PF-115) and primers (eg, primers GF-021).

Diluted alkyd paints organic solvents such as toluene, xylene, mineral spirits. Coverage of alkyd paints quite a long time (to 72) and it dries out their main drawback. Oil paints – as the name implies – it solutions different poluvysyhayuschih or drying oils, resins, oils and refined products in organic solvents. There are low-fat (oil content 30 – 50%), medium (55-60% oil content) and fat (65-80% oil content). Dried varnish films have a yellow color of various shades, from light yellow to dark brown. Oil paints are used both as a foundation paint, and for the final coating substrate. Be aware that the coating of oil varnishes do not have sufficient strength so unstable resistance.

Auto-Lock Cabling

Cabling autolock is divided into the station and distillation. To auto-lock cable lines also include cable insertion in high-voltage signal line at the intersection of Water obstacles in mountainous areas, in large stations, settlements, etc. The station cable network is a collection of auto-lock cable lines that connect the premises located at assistant station signal relay with centralizers booths or cabinets input and output signals in both directions. In addition, the cable lines are laid from relay to battery cabinets wells, traffic lights, pointer positions and cable racks track circuits. Distillation cable network auto-lock exists on the stretch at the installation site of signal points and, as a rule, consists of a cable, laid on the cable box supports high-power-signal line to relay cabinet and the last to walk-through traffic lights, battery and cable racks well track circuits. Cable network is used to centralize power connection of devices floor devices (lights, switches drives, track circuits, etc.) with instruments installed in the relay booths, and the latter with a signal point in EAF centralization with local dependencies or with devices arranged in interlocking positions.

Cable network centralization hump similar to the electrical cable network centralization. Recently, the yards began extensive introduction of automated dissolution of the compositions on rollercoaster. In this regard, the yards are laid cables connecting the device floor automation equipment automation, mounted on the hump positions. Cable network station lock in stations with mechanical interlocking switches and signals consist of cables connecting the administrative apparatus, installed at the EAF, the executive apparatus, installed in the premises bugler and whipping, as well as cables connecting devices executive with rail pedals, coupling mechanisms, and the rubbing contacts for the semaphores of the wings. It should also be indicate that in cases where the roadway is laid along the cable telecommunications, lived part of the cable, usually used for automation and remote control. Stranded cable is used for communication circuits elektrozhezlovoy systems and semi-directional lock, automatic block signal circuits, circuits, remote control traction substations on electrified routes, and traffic control circuits for centralization and control.

Working Principle Conditioning

Central air conditioning is used for ventilation of residential and commercial premises to create more comfortable conditions for work and life. This conditioner is a frame-panel system, supplied with cold heat and electricity. Also, central air conditioner can clean and moisten the air and the ventilation system. The purified air is distributed evenly throughout the room with the air duct system. Similar conditioner may serve as one large room and several smaller ones.

In fact, one air conditioner to cope with the room equal to the square huge production plant or the stadium. In addition, if necessary set some of these devices. Conditioner consists of sections that are intended for heating, cooling, mixing, drying, humidification, movement control and air purification. And you can freely combined. You can split air conditioners for seasonal and year-round. The power conditioning devices are divided into low, medium and high pressure, according to the method of execution are divided into internal and external, Suspended and fixed. In addition, central air conditioners can be divided into direct-flow, with recirculation and heat recovery.

Straight-through air conditioners are treated outside air only, air-conditioning with recirculation treated with a mixture of outdoor air and exhaust air. Air conditioning with recirculation consists of a mixing chamber which delivers variable amounts of fresh and recirculated air. In the air conditioning system with co-current and heat recovery, heat is transferred from the exhaust air to the outside. Recycling technologies and waste heat recovery saves energy costs of heat, especially when it comes to the cold season. If technological features vented not allow the use of recycling, in such cases, the direct-flow scheme is used the air conditioner. Central air conditioning stands out air treatment systems, one big advantage – he is able to maintain an optimum temperature, humidity and the desired mobility of air masses even in rooms with giant squares. To install the system does not need the fan coil units. On the other hand, the system is not without flaws. First, the installation work are quite complex in its process. Secondly, it will take quite a lot of time. Third, this will attract skilled workers.

Selection Criteria

Now a very popular topic of building a country house. The principal issue for the owner of the land is the choice of gates. It does not matter, it's holiday home or cottage monumental – the gateway for entry necessary for all. What are the types of gates? Not many options. The most widely used swing vorota.Oni consist of two wings. The main advantage of this gate is a low price.

When planning to install swing main gate – to order the correct way to open the valves. The valves can swing open to the outside (outside) or inside (on site). Cons have both. The valves require a free space for the opening. If land area is small – hinged doors, "steal" a significant chunk of the yard. If you plan opening out – open doors can interfere in the passage.

However, the popularity of swing gate remains high. Swing gate equipped with an automatic, and it makes use of a gate comfortable. Wireless remote control allows you to advance when approaching the machine to open gates without leaving home or leaving the vehicle. If the next entry into the plot is even a long fence, the length is greater than the width of the entrance to the half – you can install sliding doors. They will be rolled back along the fence due to its construction and no space. Sliding gates constructed very simply. The basis of the gate is self-supporting structure. Door curtain – a rigid steel frame that rolls on the rollers, mounted on a metal base, bathed in the foundation. When choosing a sliding gates to pre-calculate the weight of the door leaf, it will choose the right components and to avoid deformation of the structure during operation. Weight fabric is also important when choosing a drive. Sliding gates are attached to the ground at only one point and move to a height of 10 cm from the ground (in the zone of entry). If you are installing on the entry selected sliding doors – make sure that there is no rollback in the area of insurmountable obstacles (buildings, trees, etc.). For sliding gate only critical elevation. If the level of soil in the zone of reduced recoil – it's not terrible. With sliding doors at the entrance to the need for constant cleaning is lost before the snow gates. There are other types of gates for entry. If at the entrance columns to set the jumper (U-shaped design) – can be installed with electric roller doors. Rolling shutters are composed of leaf, made of narrow metal strips and the shaft on which pulls the blade actuator. Rolling shutters are typically installed by the site. Roll with the canvas cover is closed, which protects the roll and shaft from the weather. In automatic roller doors You can manually open the gate, with a special vorotka. Motorists often cover part of the territory at the entrance to the roof or awning. If the shed is adjacent to the entry closely, it allows install sectional garage door. Sectional doors are made up of horizontal sections, which are the metal rails go under the roof. When you open the sectional door is not beyond the boundary of the opening gate. When using electric gate opening procedure becomes more comfortable. However, we need to place under the protection of automatic awning that precipitation did not bring electrical equipment from damage. When choosing the type of gates for private homes must take into account the location and general plan of the site, usability, and security gates.

July Concrete

September 21, 1970 to 75 days ahead of schedule the refinery reported the completion of the program 8th Five Year Plan. Were exceeded substantially all of the major technical and economic indicators. These successes have created favorable conditions for improving material welfare of workers, creating a wide range of social infrastructure. Beginning with the third quarter of 1967, the refinery has been awarded 12 times in a row and the first places of the Red Banner of the Council of Ministers and the Trade Unions, and up to socialist competition in honor of the birthday 100letiya Lenin awarded the Lenin Jubilee Certificate of Honour of the CC CPSU, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Council of Ministers and the All. In July 1970 the Voronezh plant reinforced concrete N 2 became a leading factory industrial association 'The Thief of nezhselst swarm design.

" It consists of three plants: in ZHBI1 g.GeorgiuDezh (Liska), a ZHBI3 g.Borisoglebske and plant of expanded clay gravel g.Buturlinovke. To be fair, that zavodyfilialy had a modest performance. With the establishment of industrial associations, efforts of the parent company to provide consistent and comprehensive care wards soon overcame the lag and the following year made rhythmic profitable operation. From 1956 to 1970 was for a period of formation of the plant ZHBI2, approval at the forefront of the industry construction industry. In late 1973, they were stopped on the reconstruction of two spans of the molding shop N 2 on this site should be a new technological line for production of agricultural products for the residential home the 25th series.

This was of crucial importance as a turning point for the large-block housing in rural areas. 1983 will remain memorable in the history of the plant milestone, when the decision on unification 'Voronezhselstroy', in structure which consisted of plant, it was split. Workshop panel construction of the plant was transferred into the rural house-building plant. For example, in 19921993's commercial production predvaritelnonapryazhennyh light poles SV105, SV110, are in high demand. Start of production of prefabricated components and wells networks in sets of diameter 1000, 1500 and 2000 mm. In 1994 he started production of slabs of length 7.2 m, including width of 1200 and 1500 mm. Compared with the previous year 1995 ended with an increase in plant production levels, which was in our uncertain times quite rare. Thus, the production of precast concrete was 113.6%, ready-mixed concrete 265.2% 132.8% commercial solution. 3.2% reinforced concrete factory