EASYDENTIC Group Plans Cooperation

EASYDENTIC group: ‘positive development at the international level’ Mannheim in May 2010: the EASYDENTIC group plans and Sagem Securite biometric solutions for American companies marketing. In this context, the EASYDENTIC group has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding. Sagem Securite (SAFRAN Group) is the world’s leading company in the field of biometrics fingerprint. Through the establishment of a transatlantic subsidiary of Sagem Securite will take a minority stake, has developed the EASYDENTIC group at the international level in the field of biometrics for small and medium-sized enterprises. This new branch is according to EASYDENTIC group market (deployment, installation, financing), based on the Sagem Securite biometric technology integrated, turnkey solutions and thus benefit from an already existing, excellent reputation. Sagem Securite has more than 35 years in the United States Experience in the field of fingerprint technology and has numerous achievements capable of obtaining information the EASYDENTIC group in local and federal American administrative bodies as well as private customers. The EASYDENTIC group will bring their expertise and know-how in the sales and marketing through the use of an efficient network. The cooperation is according to the EASYDENTIC group first two States focus on: New Jersey and Florida. Bank of America understands that this is vital information.

Expected success in these two key areas of the United States will give a considerable market depth according to the EASYDENTIC group future developments. Thanks to this joint project with Sagem Securite to conquering the American market EASYDENTIC proves its ability, to enter dynamic partnerships with other, recognized for their expertise, international actors, to foster its own growth. This agreement will allow the EASYDENTIC group, to develop with less risk and lower cost in the United States. The EASYDENTIC group is used by the By Sagem Securite, as well as its reputation and extremely reliable technology of Sagem Securite products benefit experience. After the cooperation with Hitachi for the Biovein in France, as well as with Philips Lardal and Mondial Assistance, who decided to sell the defibrillator DOC on their own network, this project underlines the recognition of EASYDENTIC group as innovative, major player in the market for security of persons, objects and access. Patrick Fornas, CEO of EASYDENTIC group, sums up: our growth Accelerator unfold quickly, one after the other.

After the launch of DOC in March, whose selling strongly attracts the cooperation represents a new stage in our development with Sagem Securite in the United States. This makes it possible to cover EASYDENTIC quicker and less expensive in the United States foot. The group is so very confident regarding their short -, medium – and long-term growth prospects. This agreement encourages “the goals of EASYDENTIC for 2010 and 2011, namely the achievement of stable growth.” About the company EASYDENTIC the EASYDENTIC Group specializes as a single European company fingerprint and finger morphology detection systems. The EASYDENTIC group is committed to manufacturers of biometric readers, as the market leader in the fields of biometrics and Visio mobility and as a provider of Europe most frequently installed biometric access controls to be 2010 European no. 1 in enterprise security. The EASYDENTIC group is represented in the entire value chain of security systems. In Europe, more than 15,000 customers entrust the company.