Angina Treatment

Angina Treatment With black radish cut off an inch, make a hole in large part, there to put honey, the remaining inches to cover and infuse for 3 days. Take a tablespoon 5-6 times a day. The most severe angina let go, and cough her kill. Take the juice of yarrow 1 cup beer and hot 1 liter. Mix together and drink a glass 3 times a day, wrapped up warmly.

This means the people are sometimes called “hundred percent”. We must pick flowers royal scepter (people still name mullein), only the yellow petals with no leaves, and pour honey. If the flowers had accumulated a half-liter jar, exactly the same set and honey. In a warm place to put in 8 hours and then put into the refrigerator. The recipe is very good for children, so caring mother to be well remembered. As soon as the neck turns red, so 1 teaspoon of sweet potions to give the baby 3 times daily before meals.

And throat coughs helps and infectious laryngitis. And adults can and a tablespoon to give. In the old witch doctors advised in angina “breathe the spirit of horse radish.” To do this, grate horseradish, combine in a jar and close the lid. After 15 minutes of opening cover your mouth to breathe, hold the air in itself for 5-7 seconds and exhale through the nose. Means not only casts an infection, but also cleans the brain, and easy to clean, and the way the nasal opening.