Cold War

a It is they who despise us. Kill the leader to end the resistance, set fire to the libraries, to end the historical memories; steal the civilizing work, to cultural icons, jewelry history, archeology, to figure the people that these are only symptoms of a bad memory, a weak country that was called such a notion of nationhood is so fragile that an invitation to "involve them " at the locals hate themselves and love them to ellos.a (see just the case of Iraq). Such is the discourse of contempt, disrespect for the intelligence of others, cynically not care that the victim was not hiding one of the biggest evidence of the solar system: what are they, the U.S., its leadership that their people, the body that grows more hatred on Earth. Formerly (Cold War) was the struggle against communism and anti-Semitism cynical combat its flag, its policy of abusive and invasive state, his speech-silly game and contemptuous of the intelligence of pueblos.a today are terrorism, drug trafficking and militarism, the new discursive tools of domination, the new way to tell a piece they care what you think or, in order to subdue and penetrate you to trample your foundation: your history, your national values, your sense of belonging, your collective psyche, and in order to implement them, finally, his hegemonia.a The new way to despise in your history to be on your bones they found a new colony. Nothing else can do when you blatantly accuse the world of militarism, and it is they who sell 75% of the weapons produced in the world, and have a military and defense budget than the combined military budgets world.