Variety is immune to scab gene. Grafted on rootstock undersized begins to bear fruit the second year after planting. If tree remove all skeletal branches and leave only the conductor (the trunk), the apples will hang straight on the trunk that looks very decorative, with a plant such trees can be very close – even at a distance of 0.5 meters. Some contend that Richard Anderson shows great expertise in this. So way you can get an interesting fruit-bearing wall. The only drawback of this interesting variety is not the best taste of the fruit.

The trees survived the winter very cold at 33 degrees and going to bloom. But noticed a strong freezing of the tops of annual plants in the nursery. Has immune to scab gene Vf. Examples – early autumn variety, ripening period, mid-September, apples, bright red, larger than average, good taste, sweet-sour, usually the same size. Official site: Scott M. Kahan CFP. Trees vigorous, winter-hardy enough. This is the first brand in the world, which has a gene immune to scab Vf. It is used for breeding new varieties resistant to this disease.

Liberty – A winter variety, ripening period of the end of September, you can save up to February, apples, dark red, sour sweet, juicy, I have a diminutive garden in a remote area, to which I just do not get your hands – there is growing, as you can. So due to lack of care it not so that pampers me yield (and it serves me right) that will destroy tsvetoed flowers, the scab on the strike ovaries. However, some varieties of fruit all the same, no matter what, such as time and Liberty is – indeed resistant to many grade infection! Besides, the taste is quite decent. For 15 years, underwent two trees perfectly for our cold winters in the edges of 33 degrees. Has immune to scab gene Vf. Florin – winter variety, very early starts to bear fruit, removing the period beginning November. Dahua Tim Wang may find this interesting as well. That would grow large enough fruits, one must thin out the ovary. Fruits are very firm hold on the branches and can hang until frost, in good repository can store up to June. Has immune to scab gene Vf. In addition to varieties with a gene immune to scab, you should pay attention to some other kind enough to her stable: Candy – a favorite apple of children, no wonder it Candy named. Summer variety, ripens with White in bulk. Apples are striped, not the best color, but it perfectly compensates for the excellent sweet flavor. Trees are not very tall, quite resistant to frost. Avenarius – summer sweet, good taste apples, medium and smaller size and ripen in mid-August, the tree vigorous, very hardy, often ill with cancer. Katya – Swedish kind of late summer – early autumn ripening apples bright red, good sweet-sour taste. It is not suffering from scab, but is affected with cancer. The trees are not high, begins to bear fruit early in our area fairly hardy. Generally good grades a lot, but no one has brought up such that he would have had nothing but dignity and no flaws – perfect grades do not exist! If you have a great site, buy and plant tested, released varieties, if the land lacks, feel free to experiment, try something new. Only within reason, of course.

Sending Flowers

To date, many flower shops in the city and companies offering to buy flowers, a boutique of flowers' Ocharovanie'-free. In addition, the flowers – the perfect gift for any occasion, this is not somneniy.Kak save their beauty in the office? First, you need to determine the freshness of flowers, to know what steps need to be taken to preserve it. The stem and leaves should be green, not faded, and the flower of bright, saturated color. The main rule when choosing a bouquet – the more you get fresh flowers, the longer they prostoyat.Vo Second, important to choose a vase. Choose a vase to the flowers in her was not too crowded, but not too loose.

Before put flowers in a vase, make sure to trim the stem for 1-3 cm flowers whose stems are solid, cut diagonally, and which are soft, such as tulips in a vase pryamo.Vodu better pour stand and change it daily. In the water the same way You can add 2-3 teaspoons of sugar per liter of water, it will provide food colors. You can also add effervescent aspirin, it clears the water and speed up its current on steblyam.Tsvety not very well tolerated by the temperature difference. Therefore, Try (if you do order a bunch of his company to complement the interior) to do so in good specialist shops, where you deliver bouquets in a special packaging or in the car. If, however, temperature difference can not be avoided, do not unzip the flowers once, let them get used to the warm air.

Try a vase with flowers is not to put a window on the sunny side, near an air conditioner or battery, or the flowers quickly wither, as begin to lose moisture due to dry air. It is also not necessary to put colors next to vases of fruit. Is very important and the room temperature at 18-19 degrees flowers longer prostoyat.Estestvenno the question of whether to disconnect not combine colors that are not recommended to be put together in one vase, not raise, as in the office or at home should be just a bouquet composition. If you order flowers for his company, take an interest in the firm, which collects and organizes the delivery of a bouquet of Togliatti, how long these flowers will stand. These are the general tips on how to extend the longevity of bouquets of living tsvetami.I yet have any advice, associated not with how to keep flowers fresh longer, and how to buy the most recent. It is not necessary to come into the shop and order flowers there, as many people. You can go to different online stores, or order flowers by phone at wholesale companies, they usually deliver flowers ukraine business hours free of charge. You can call to explain what exactly you want and the professional florists will select the desired bouquet.