Marketing Errors

1. The absence of a clearly defined goal. Goal setting participation in the exhibition is paramount to successful outcomes. If you know what goals you are pursuing and what you want to achieve with their participation, is help plan other important components, such as the ideological and thematic basis of your presentation, the concept of graphic design and exhibition stand solutions, the definition of a list of products presented at the exhibition, the development of handouts, business – souvenirs, gifts for visitors, etc. The purpose of your participation should be an effective tool for achieving corporate and marketing objectives coincide with them. Be sure to specify the criteria for evaluation to determine the outcome of your campaign.

2. Illiterate developed a marketing plan. If you want to show an effective and powerful marketing tool, it is essential to your overall strategy and marketing goals of participation were closely linked and complement each other. Participation in the exhibition should not be subject to your financial, fashion and other risks. That's what is necessary to pay special attention to strategic planning and formulation of marketing objectives. You should just know and understand what you want to achieve, such as increasing market share, strengthening the company's image, improve customer awareness of your products, the conclusion of a new product to market the product to new markets, etc. Depending on your corporate strategic objectives will be vary and the marketing plan of the exhibition, which includes: information and advertising campaign to start, during, and after it.