July Concrete

September 21, 1970 to 75 days ahead of schedule the refinery reported the completion of the program 8th Five Year Plan. Were exceeded substantially all of the major technical and economic indicators. These successes have created favorable conditions for improving material welfare of workers, creating a wide range of social infrastructure. Beginning with the third quarter of 1967, the refinery has been awarded 12 times in a row and the first places of the Red Banner of the Council of Ministers and the Trade Unions, and up to socialist competition in honor of the birthday 100letiya Lenin awarded the Lenin Jubilee Certificate of Honour of the CC CPSU, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Council of Ministers and the All. In July 1970 the Voronezh plant reinforced concrete N 2 became a leading factory industrial association 'The Thief of nezhselst swarm design.

" It consists of three plants: in ZHBI1 g.GeorgiuDezh (Liska), a ZHBI3 g.Borisoglebske and plant of expanded clay gravel g.Buturlinovke. To be fair, that zavodyfilialy had a modest performance. With the establishment of industrial associations, efforts of the parent company to provide consistent and comprehensive care wards soon overcame the lag and the following year made rhythmic profitable operation. From 1956 to 1970 was for a period of formation of the plant ZHBI2, approval at the forefront of the industry construction industry. In late 1973, they were stopped on the reconstruction of two spans of the molding shop N 2 on this site should be a new technological line for production of agricultural products for the residential home the 25th series.

This was of crucial importance as a turning point for the large-block housing in rural areas. 1983 will remain memorable in the history of the plant milestone, when the decision on unification 'Voronezhselstroy', in structure which consisted of plant, it was split. Workshop panel construction of the plant was transferred into the rural house-building plant. For example, in 19921993's commercial production predvaritelnonapryazhennyh light poles SV105, SV110, are in high demand. Start of production of prefabricated components and wells networks in sets of diameter 1000, 1500 and 2000 mm. In 1994 he started production of slabs of length 7.2 m, including width of 1200 and 1500 mm. Compared with the previous year 1995 ended with an increase in plant production levels, which was in our uncertain times quite rare. Thus, the production of precast concrete was 113.6%, ready-mixed concrete 265.2% 132.8% commercial solution. 3.2% reinforced concrete factory

Stainless Steel

Currently, stainless steel tubes gained enormous popularity due to its non-mechanical fihiko and hygienic characteristics. They are used in many branches of the heavy and the food industry, in decor and design. Demand for stainless products increases (including in pipes), and with it, and growing supply. Many companies have noticed steeltrading large influx of proposals for the supply pipes from China, and metal as a whole (our company Novstal, for example, comes with 2-4 letters every day, straight from heaven for ugly Russian:)). Thanks to this 'aggressive' way of advertising steel imports from Asia in 2010 increased 1.9 times compared with 2009, although of course this is not the same ad, there is still a lot of other factors. For even more analysis, hear from Christopher Williams Madison Capital.

Chinese domestic pipe is much cheaper, and the choice of positions, in principle, more. However, that her dignity end. Stainless pipe of the manufacturer, as shown, very poor quality. For example not far to seek, welds connecting the pipes together, after 2 years of operation begin to crumble and proceed in spite of the technology properly carried out by welding under argon. The metal itself simply 'does not hold' welding. On the domestic pipe such an incident does not nablyuzhaetsya This is just a single example of the quality of Chinese tube.

The outer tube is as different from domestic, despite the seemingly identical chemical composition. What is to make a choice? How to buy a tube or Chinese domestic? This question must each decide for himself themselves. If use of the product is in 'critical' areas, it is better to buy domestically produced metal, otherwise go and stainless steel from China. And finally I want to note that Co., Ltd. 'Novstal' deals exclusively with domestic stainless flats, because quality is our top priority and we save point do not see.


Energy-saving hydraulic actuators, advanced control system excavator, original technical solutions in the construction of machine elements, the use of quality materials in combination with improves their quality technologies distinguish excavator EO-5126 from other excavators caterpillar produced in Russia. The power propulsion, hydraulic excavator and the performance is not inferior models heavier class. The technical solutions implemented in the design of the excavator and secured 10 patents (inventor's certificates), have significantly less weight, while maintaining the basic characteristics at the level characteristics of the excavators 5 size group. Rental of construction equipment in the company's "Golden Age" – a wide range of construction equipment, good customer service, highly skilled machinists, and favorable conditions it's not all. Want to know more? Call us! Track excavator truck. Support frame – a rigid structure with an arched side windows rectangular-trapezoidal shape, is rigidly connected to the L-shaped beam profile at elements which are mounted running gear and the tension mechanism. This design chassis frame compared to traditional simplifies assembly and provides the necessary rigidity and strength with a significant reduction mass. Planetary gears turn with 'floating' elements of the planetary series in conjunction with adjustable hydraulic motors allow a compact travel drive with a resource, equal to shovel resource.

For the first time in crawler excavator used during the tensioning mechanism to tension the wheel, holding a caterpillar in the contours, ie excluding its reset without additional structural elements. Due to the high reliability original rollers on a liquid lubricant, hydraulic tensioning track and idler spring damper in conjunction with the above technical solutions, crawler truck does not yield the best patterns of foreign trucks excavators. Turntable excavator. New technical solution to connect the base platform, with its skeleton at the lowest possible mass of the platform to obtain the required stiffness and strength. The design of positioner and connect elements of the turntable with crawler tracks provided the opportunity to work Begunkova drive gear swing in a sealed oil bath. In the drive rotation of the planetary gear used, the maximum uniform with gear speed.

On the platform of the excavator cab teploshumoizolirovannaya installed with the rear slope of the windshield and the continuous large side glass. Under the bonnet step system with ventilation grilles on the side walls of the enclosures are placed power plant, hydro and the connecting lines, as traditionally done in ekskavatorostroenii. A little time and money? The company "Golden Age" – rental of construction equipment. Operating equipment (main) excavator includes an arrow to the active curve, profile, close to the obtuse angle, the handle diamond-shaped profile and a ladle with a straight upper edge, ie Holders (Adaptors) crowns tooth excavator bucket mounted flush with the inside of the bucket. The excavator is designed to develop non-frozen ground I – IV categories, as well as pre-loosened frozen soils and rocks with pieces up to 300 mm.