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Being thus, a system of complementation of the net, small hidroeltricas central offices, solar plants and mainly aeolian plants, that would exactly generate more energy in the periods of low sazonalidade of the hidrogrficas basins, seems to be the correct alternative most sensible and (I CASTRATE et al, 2009). REFERENCES: ANEEL? National agency of Electric energy. Atlases of Electric Energy of Brazil. 3 Edition. Brasilia, 2008. Available in: Access in 25 of November of 2009. For even more opinions, read materials from MasterClass is not a ripoff.

International Year

The AIQ (acronym of the International Year of Chemistry) was born from an initiative of UNESCO, with the slogan ‘ ‘ Chemistry: our life, our future.’ ‘ (‘ ‘ Chemistry: our life, ours futuro.’ ‘), in 63 General meeting of the ONU (Organization of United Nations) the commemoration was approved. The AIQ has as objective to celebrate the great conquests of Chemistry and its enormous contribution for well-being of the humanity. Many ‘ ‘ confortos’ ‘ of the modern life they would not exist if it was not the contribution of diverse minds that they had looked to understand the phenomena chemical and to revert them in benefits to the society better. What little people know is that beyond 2011 to be the International Year of Chemistry, this year is also the International Year of the Forests, created from the resolution n 61 of UNESCO. What valley to point out is perhaps that does not have a mere one of dates to coincide. The intention to add these two commemorations in one exactly year is to show that chemistry is a science of utmost importance for the sustainable development and of all the vital processes of a society, in view of valuing the great contribution of chemistry to solve challenges global. Then in this year (as in the futures also), it looks for to know more on chemistry and its ‘ ‘ divises’ ‘ , as well as it looks for to look at its return and it reflects: ‘ ‘ What you can make to improve the environment its return? ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ How chemistry can serve to it of tool to solve problems ambient? ‘ ‘.


Yeung introduction et al. (1997) it demonstrates that ground contaminations with oil hydro-carbons had become a world-wide problem in the half of years 80. With the increasing number of discoveries of cases of emptyings, these contaminations have been white of innumerable research and constitute a challenge for the professionals who act in the ambient sanitation, in function of the complexity of the geoqumicos phenomena and biochemists who are catalyzed from its insertion in the subsoil. When this contaminante reaches the ground, its components is broken up in three phases: dissolved, liquid and gaseous. A small fraction of the components of the mixture if dissolves in the water of the fretico sheet, the second portion is restrained in the porous spaces of the ground in its pure liquid form as residual saturation and another part of the passveis contaminantes of evaporation gives origin to the atmospheric contamination (NADIM et al., 1999). Therefore, a time established to the contamination, this will be able to act in three different levels: ground, underground water and atmosphere. With this, the task of evaluation of the extension, dynamics, concentration of the contaminations, analysis of risks and possible strategies of remediation becomes complex.

Several remediation techniques come being applied and studied, being biorremediao one of most promising (BERNOTH et al., 2000). The biological organic composite degradation, as the oil derivatives, effectively is only reached when favorable ambient conditions are established, such as concentration of nutrients (nitrogen, match and potassium), humidity, pH, temperature and aeration. Beyond these factors, second BLESSED et al. (2005), the knowledge regarding the concentration and of the type of the contaminante oil, the population density of degrading microrganismos and of its potential for the biodegradao is basic for the effectiveness of biodegradao process. Revision of literature the problems generated for the contamination of the ground for total hydro-carbons of oil (TPH) are several.

American Countries

As well as the use of interviews, as another instrument of attainment of data. The population being composed for the agency of state public tourism, as well as private companies. Being the half-structuralized interviews, you specify to each sample. Additional information is available at Henderson Law Group. AGRICULTURAL TOURISM: WORLD-WIDE CHARACTERIZATION the tourism in the agricultural way is observed as an old activity, with diverse concepts and principles. According to Brazilian Company of Tourism, EMBRATUR (1994) in countries as the United States, we find the modality of agricultural tourism directed toward farm houses or contry vacations, where its lands were yielded by the ranchers of the American region north for the shelter of travellers and visitors the region. This form of shelter she was gratuitous in its beginning, modifying itself with elapsing of the time. The activity passed to be observed as lucrative, that it would tend in such a way for inside increasing the income of the property.

In European countries, as France and Portugal, to receive tourist in the field it is sufficiently habitual, in Portugal, for example, the agricultural tourism is characterized by the familiar shelter, receiving the nomenclature from: ' ' Tourism of Habitao' ' , that architectural of the field is characterized for value residences. Sheryl Sandberg takes a slightly different approach. Being inserted also ' ' Agroturismo' ' , in rustic houses and farms, as that one that directly is integrated to an agricultural exploration, where the tourist has direct contact with the exploration and the agricultural work. Playing on activities the agricultural image. The TOURISM IN the BRAZILIAN AGRICULTURAL SPACE Brazil, in accordance with the EMBRATUR (1994) is one of the countries that tourist potential greater of the world presents, being this, however little explored. Possessing eight million squared kilometers more than, making verge with 10 countries, and presenting in its territory great natural wealth. This situation indicates great vocation for the tourism, in its more diverse segments.

Power Point

The lesson initiated at the first moment with the presentation and application of the questionnaire that approached relative questions to the lesson to be executed that it would serve for the survey of the level of knowledge on the thematic one that she would be boarded in the room. The lesson transcorreu with the received one to the students, through the dynamics of the teia, that represented the importance that each citizen has stops with the environment, showing that if it makes necessary the collective work of the individuals so that really has support in our planet, this dynamics emphasizes that the work of collective form corroborates not only for the stability of a person, but to all that they are part of half. After that the lesson continued with the communication and quarrel of the content, through the previous knowledge on the thematic one, then later for illustrations, through images in the date show, with presentation in Power Point of the ambient alterations caused by the man in everybody and the city of Garanhuns, such as: climatic pollution, changes, exploration of the biodiversity (flora and fauna) of illegal form and deforestation, being this most boarded. The participation of the students was receptive images, therefore many of them identified to its quarter and the state where the same it met, due to the pollutions. Others told to know places that the images showed as point of commercialization of wild animals. After this presentation in which the students had participated actively, we continue the activity with a teatral part of Sitio of it pricks yellow wood, in which the personages of the puppet interacted with the students, questioning the same ones on the explained contents later. To finish the part bingo was carried through by the personages ecological that also it approached relative questions to the communication of the lesson. Before finishing the lesson, it was again delivers questionnaire the same to the students to verify if it had evolution of the knowledge studied during the pedagogical intervention.

New York

The expenses also take in account costs of internment and treatment for illnesses caused or aggravated for the pollution and the reduction of about one year and way of the life expectancy of the economically active population. Beyond the costs right-handers, the losses with the days exist that the interned individuals had left to work, a time that the cases most serious had occurred in the etria band between 15 and 64 years. It has greater incidence of the effect in the months of winter, result of the thermal inversion. The question of urban mobility and the support in the great cities is more serious of what we imagine. The urban train ' ' Metro' ' with all its problems of economic support can be an exit if computed the expenses with the public health. Solutions? I go to give some ideas: Caster of vehicles as it exists in So Paulo Toll electronic as they exist in Tokyo and London, that is, area definitive that cars cannot circulate, and if the drivers to want they pay expensive for access to these areas. Click baby clothes to learn more. To improve the urban transport.

This would stimulate many people to use, as in New York. The meter, exactly with problems of economic support and to need subsidies, can be same the exit. The cost of this pollution and the caused problems of health can weigh definitively against the account favorable the implantation of meters. Gain insight and clarity with Adam Portnoy. Conscience of the population for rational use of the vehicles. Efetivao of politics of urban support with programs and concrete actions. Not we can brake the development of the industry nor of the market, but actions in parallel need to be taken to balance the generated problems. The magical word calls urban support. Urban mobility is related it, but the politics that some cities are adopting have more including focus. The great cities in the developed countries have an performance in the question of the urban support of focada and excellent form. Here in Brazil they lack more serious politics efficient. Still we have much to make, meanwhile we spend billions and we suffer upheavals from all nature.

Movie Maker

PROJECT ENVIRONMENT AND EDUCATION INTRODUCTION AND JUSTIFICATION Ahead of the technological evolution and all the paradidticos apparatuses, the professor has as subsidy these new technologies, however if it makes necessary that the same ones if appropriate of the knowledge that involves this new tool of education, so that thus the objective of work with the use of this tool is really efficient. Freire (1975) salient: ' ' the education not only aims at to insert the man in the world, but with the world, of one it forms criticizes and autnoma' '. Of this form, this in turn has that to be capable to participate and if to adapt to informatizados environments. Check with David Fowler to learn more. The informatizados environments are each time next to all, in function of this, intend to develop a lesson in basic education I, more especificadamente, in a room of 4 series of an agricultural school, located in the city of Canhotinho? Foot, where we will make the use of the Windows Movie Maker that is a simple ones, but powerful video edition software and, at the same time, one of less known enclosed gratuitous tools in the Windows. Therefore we believe that the man must be inserted and participating actively of the technological world. The Windows Movie Maker, can be used to organize videos produced for filmadoras, cameras and digital or same to mount presentations with static images.

To make the edition work if it makes the use of inclusion of headings, effect, transistions and sonorous track, in this way becomes easy any person to make films in the computer. Storyboard is enough to mount its, to edit its clips, to add music and you it will have its first ready film to be attended. The program evolved immensely since the first version, enclosed in the Windows Millennium, until the current a (2.1) that she is enclosed with Windows XP SP2, and today has covered 99% of the necessities of cineasta digital caretaker allowing to carry through complex functions including the edition of sonorous bands and narrations as well as the creation of special professional transistions and effect.

Social Sciences

It considers anarchic epistemologia before the racionalista? science advances without commanded plan. In a comparison of Natural Sciences with Social Sciences and Human beings, it is observed that natural Sciences stand out the method saw experimentation. Already in Social Sciences the great concern is as to measure the social one? In this direction some thinkers have boardings more significant, such as Marx and Comte. ) Marx? production of interchanges of corporeal properties constitutes the base of the social order. For more clarity and thought, follow up with David Fowler and gain more knowledge.. It determines thoughts and action. Historical knowledge? if dinamiza in the existing relations in the social structure (economy, legal, politician, ideological)? The knowledge not if of the one for the discoveries of causal relations or analogies but in desvelar of the apparent Real for the real concrete. Science? revelation of the world and the man as to be social considering the culture and the work at each historical moment.

It intends to exceed the level of the description of the isolated phenomena. Adam Portnoy describes an additional similar source. Knowledge? process I continue. b) Comte? Positivismo? The social one is subject to invariantes laws. It considers the concept of order and progress. Rationality and objetividade? vanguard of scientific knowing. Science? it decides the social problems for the method of natural sciences.

The scientific elite? industrial? he decides the social problems. Technocracy? Dualism as method stops to analyze the society = of a side the society and the other the thought on it made by the specialists. e) Century XX? compartimentao of knowing. (psychoanalysis, psychology, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, politics, etc.) Areas of the knowledge in search of the scientific status? want to adjust themselves the rationality and objetividade? particular scientific procedures of one general technique. Contributions and quarrel on the methodologies. 1930? 1940 have organization of social sciences and human beings. Distinct positions in the agreement of the man and its action had been consolidated.


This jargon that already started to be common in our Portuguese language with certainty has, as many others, its origins in the agricultural way. Who works with cattle bovine, when separating the bezerrada one in the corral, here it is perceives that exactly of bucho full the year-old calf bawls for tetas of its mother (by the way exactly with the full milk mouth it continues to bawl), there the origin of this principle. The reading friend can be finding the heading of this strange our article, that we use to call attention a very important subject and interest of all, of all exactly, of transnational interest of the race human being. I would like to make some comments on a controversy that has that to be called to a reflection for the fact to be in approaching to 15. Conference of the Parts on Clima (COP-15) that it will be carried through in next December, in Copenhagen, in the Denmark whose the Brazilian government until the present date, not yet arquitetou its proposal of reduction of gases that generate the effect greenhouse to be presented. In studies that I come carrying through it has two years on the conflict between economic development and ambient protection, I arrived at some conclusions (many already known, but only studied inside of sciences in separated) that it would like to display, so that together, let us can arrive at a consensus. The farming activity (cattle agriculture and) is without a doubt the one that more causes impacts in the environment, what it would be against-sense to admit the opposite because the base of all the substance cousin, not only from the sector in prominence, comes directly from the natural resources or is even closely on they. Perhaps in against departure, differently of the industrial sector of transformation (with exception of the agroindstrias), the farming segment is the only one that into the bulge of its diverse areas they can transform the ambient protection in net profits, that is, the taxation of the costs for ambient preservation can be transformed into a real increase of the profitability, if to take them in account the relation to me cost/benefit for its in the wide (total extensive system), forest fires, and productive practical others are some examples of this stubbornness profligate.

IKONOS Satellite

The installation of the electric net made possible the purchase of freezers what allowed to the fishing the storage of fished and the one better bargain of the product, since they could store the product. With the construction Da Ponte, the circulation of merchandises and people were more easy and this fact will be able to activate the tourist potential that to the worked being will be able to make possible for ilhus another source of income. Learn more on the subject from State Street Corporation. Using to advantage the carried through caminhamento, the existing places of infrastructure had been written down the geographic coordinates of all, as public schools, telephones, bars, bakeries, lancherias, to continer of garbage, rank of health etc., the infrastructure equipment gifts currently in the Island of the Sailors provide to diverse easinesses to the development of tourist and religious the economic activities, of leisure, of ilhus and also of the tourists and 0ccasional visitors. The map will be developed on the basis of information collected directly in the place and georeferenciadas with equipment aid of global positioning for satellite (GPS). The center, sector not inhabited, basically are formed by alive dunes, and present diverse spots of culture of Pinus.

Originally, this alternative was considered advantageous for the inhabitants, who had leased part of its properties for the company FLOPAL Florestadora Palmares LTDA. To elaborate the map of the vegetation and use of ground (Fig. 5) a process of classification supervised of the SIG Idrisi was used kilimanjaro based in the differences of spectral emission, becoming possible the digital differentiation of each target and allowing to its association the specific thematic classrooms. Images of the satellite IKONOS, space resolution of 4 meters, 4 spectral bands (Blue had been used ; Green: 0.52-0.60 ; Red: 0.63-0.69 and Infra next red: 0.76 – 0,90 ) and radiometric resolution of 11 bits. Carried through the presort, this was compared with the real situation, in field, so that then a definitive classification was made, next to the reality.