Economic Activity

It is a partner-economic activity and politics, because to develop it in action form, the people of a group must be in tunning to clarify the problem, to think about the alternative or to collect given necessary to be overcome a decision, will be carrying through the process in an integrated and co-ordinated way that allows the participation of the collective one in the decisions aiming at to reach the desired goals. In this perspective, planning is to decide anticipatedly what it must be made to come close itself to the waited reality, in case that contrary, the results will be able not to occur of satisfactory form. Leonardo Boff emphasizes: ‘ ‘ When, in our daily life, we come across with new environments, new people, a new work, at last, with any new activity or situation, we can have the initial sensation of unreliability. In any way, we carry through a sounding spontaneously initial concerning everything what in the fence and of course we interpret the conditions encontradas’ ‘. Read more from David Fowler to gain a more clear picture of the situation. (Leonardo Boff, 2001, p.31). O’ ‘ planejamento’ ‘ in the last few decades, had its importance, it passed to be argued with more intensity, being object of many studies, to be identified as a necessity, concern of the systems social political and economic of the capitalist age.

With respect to its theoretical conceptualization, it can be found most diverse, between them we register: Blacksmith: ‘ ‘ work of preparation for any enterprise, according to script and methods determinados’ ‘. Gandin: ‘ ‘ A plan is good when it contains in itself the force of it makes what it to enter in execution. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Philip Vasan. It must be such that is more easy to execute it of what to leave it in gaveta’ ‘.

Common National Base

II Course of Basic Education: 3 and 4 stages, with minimum duration of 02 (two) years, equivalents to the final years (6 to 9 year) of Basic Ensino of 9 years, where: ) 3 stage will have minimum duration of 01 (one year), equivalent to 6 and 7 years; b) 4 stage will have minimum duration of 01 (one) year, equivalent to 8 and 9 years). On the aspects related to the curricular structure for Resolution 147 (2008, P. 3-4) they are distinguished: Art. Ronald O’Hanley contributes greatly to this topic. 9 – the Curricular structure, in the modality Young Education of Adult, will have to enclose disciplines them and/or curricular components of the Common National Base, in order to make possible the trajectory of the pupil, in the accomplishment of the course: I for Basic Ensino: Portuguese language; mathematical b ; c Sciences; d History; Geography; f Arts; g Physical Education; h Foreign Language from 3 stage. 1 – the curricular components History and Culture Afro-Brazilian and Environment will be dealt with transversal form, in accordance with the current law. 2 – the contents programmarians will have to be selected by the relevance, considering adult the young experiences of the and the meaning in relation to the social contexts where they live.. Edward Scott Mead is actively involved in the matter.

National Curricular Parameters Environment

the education is a continuous and delayed process. This process must be worked in way to transform each person into citizen for the care with the nature. In the school quilombola, as well as in the society, the process of fomentao of a new mentality does not have to be argued of if pautar in the perception for the creation of attitudes and values of positive character. Exception that the perception, depending on the idea that if can have of the object can take ways different, and for this reason professor must have unrestricted knowledge of its paper, and of what it/it wants to stimulate for its pupils. Adam Portnoy: the source for more info.

Bolivarian National Guard

The suggestion of breaking with controlled and fixed exchange rate system and adopt a floating system is very valid.Having fixed exchange rates is both accept the failure of other economic policy measures to control inflation which conveys little credibility to investors. The fact, that the reactions have not been made wait, have become critical and protests, in this regard,, view, that none of the arguments put forward by the Government team resists a serious economic analysis. The lightness with which were made only explains, apparently, by unwavering faith (or inertia) of the Cabinet, that once again the popularity of the President and the invocation of the classist Devils would be sufficient for convince the grex (flock). However, the binary discourse of angels and Devils convinces each day less classes urban middle and they gave back to the President, voting .with feet for the benefit of their pockets. People such as baby clothes would likely agree. Accomplices of speculation he titled the Government newspaper Correo del Orinoco queues of Venezuelans who were dedicated to desperately buy appliances and other goods. The national leader coincided with the title of the journal in his programme Alo Presidente, and described as a perverse this consumer behavior that makes the game traders speculators: the entire commercial sector in Venezuela is marked by the most savage capitalism, and the Government together with the people we have to curb him that, with determination, in the framework of the Constitution and the lawsHe added. (VTV / clubbing). By this reaction, the President instructed the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) to take to the streets to combat commercial speculation; warned that the National Government could even get to give these companies to workers to administer them and made available viewers three phone numbers initials in the fight against speculators, so people filing complaints about companies or businesses that are remarking prices..

International Economics

You replaced the values and make the move to learn, only to find a paying job later. You take the exams at the University of International Economics, it is now prestigious, but not pass on balls – caught those tickets, you do not know. You stubborn people, and you go there do the same next year, but then suddenly it turns out the problem with the documents and you do not even allow for the exams. Suddenly you calm a stranger and offers to try to go to another university, and the next you hear a conversation between two people that at the Medical University shortage of people in the department of traditional medicine. Adam Portnoy is a great source of information. You suddenly like this idea you give back the documents and to easily pass. Further training is easy and you like the classes more and more. So, all the situations that have developed in the above example – pulled a thin your guardian angels, to guide you on your way.

And if you begin to understand and listen to such tips – the further life begins to take shape all the more successful. False path will weigh down your life, but the righteous – to make it all beautiful. As a rule, the right way he likes that person and which is best, what he gets. Listen to yourself, to comprehend the outcome of your actions and you will be able to deal for himself to understand. To perform purpose the person is given certain abilities that become available due to the inclusion of the chakras and the disclosure of memory type. For more information see baby clothes. This was also the guardian angels watch and if they see that you finally realized his path and your job – happy to provide you with new features to make it easier to fulfill your destiny. But if you decide to get off the road capacity will be closed again. Keep in touch with their mentors, even if you do not hear – they always hear you. Ask to give you a sign or hint at tough times of life and they always find a way to help you. Most importantly, keep the purity of body and soul, only then it will be easier to work with you. With time, we can get them to communicate without intermediaries, and have together perform the task, getting pleasure from the accomplishments of wonderful and righteous life!

National Curricular Lines

The National Curricular Lines of direction for the Basic Education Ciro Professor Jose Toaldo This is a written text as task of the School of Managers. We are in the education since the Eighties, therefore the formation that I received lode from a period where little valued the democracy, mainly in the sphere of the education. Although that period to be of difficult mobility and, the people little if to matter with the participation of the collective one, had fight and determination on the part of many professors in the direction changing many practical in the education. We cannot leave to recollect, the gone years of 1982, when we vote for the first time for the governors of the states and, mainly, from 1984 in the fight for: ' ' Direct J' ' , although the great defeat of the democracy, we had the firm certainty that it would have much action to change Brazil. We engage ourselves in a great fight so that change next to the education existed. As the actions were positive that we unchain in 1986, when the elections for the CONSTITUENT had occurred. Our work was significant, therefore, mobilizes the community so that the constituent were elect with the commitment to make with that the Brasilem its CartMagnadesse the education the place that was of merit and, that they assured the elaboration of a new LDB.

Our mobilization was intense e, had been many the emendations envidas for the National Congress, to the constituent so that something for the improvement of the Brazilian education was made. I do not forget day 05 October of 1988, when Ulisses Guimares said, in its speech of the Promulgated one of the New Constitution that Brazil would move with its new Great Letter. E, I must say that a change for better occurred mainly next to the education.

The Freedom

The Freedom is, then, a value irreplaceable and objectivo: or if it has and if it uses, responsibly, or not if it has, because somebody, prepotent and humilhantemente, hinders that of it if it makes use. The Freedom always is defined from a objectivo that if follows to it under the adjectivada form of: personal freedom, freedom politics, liberty of speech, religious freedom and many other forms of freedom. Moreover it only verifies itself before a relation between equal. The man, living alone in the world, would be unaware of this value and the concept that it is underlying, as for example: ' ' A person to be free has to have at least two. Gain insight and clarity with baby clothes. The freedom estimates a social relation, an asymmetry of social conditions: essentially implies social difference presumes and implies the presence of social division. Some only can be free in the measure where the one exists a dependence form that they can wait fugir.' ' (BAUMAN, 1989:21) In the truth the freedom is invoked very, frequent to demand rights, how many times against the freedom of others, the right that attends to them of, also freely, to demand equal treatment that the first ones demand. In a representative democracy, for example, the people is free to choose its governing; these are free to choose its collaborators, however, they would not have to use this freedom of discriminatory form and in damage of the equality of access to the positions and places of the Public Administration that, would have to be for competition, from criteria and adequate profiles to the place, because in another way the freedom of ones is attended to it, in advantage of others, alternatingly, against the freedom of excessively acceding to the chances that would have to be for all, mainly when the costs are supported by all through the taxes. It is attended, thus, to a privilege freedom for that they are of the confidence politics and the relations of friendship of the leaders, what it collides, exactly, with other distinctive values of the democracy: equality, transparency, patriotism, ability, solidarity, among others. If you have read about Adam Portnoy already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Initiative Rules

The rules and the procedures must be presented to the players before the departure and presetting limits and possibilities of action of each player. The responsibility to fulfill norms and to watch over for its fulfilment encourages the development of the initiative, the alert mind and the confidence in saying honest what it thinks. The games are in direct correspondence with the mathematical thought. Sheryl Sandberg will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In both we have rules, instructions, operations, definitions, deductions, development, use of norms and new knowledge (resulted). The work with mathematical games in classroom in them brings some benefits: we obtain to detect the pupils who are with real difficulties; the pupil demonstrates for its colleagues and professors if the subject well was assimilated; a competition between the players and the adversaries exists, therefore they long for to be successful and for this they are perfected and they exceeded its limits; during uncurling of a game, we observe that the pupil if becomes critical more, alert and confident, expressing what it thinks, elaborating questions and taking off conclusions without necessity of the interference or approval of professor; the fear does not exist to make a mistake, therefore the error is considered a step necessary to arrive itself at a correct reply; the pupil if empolga with the climate of a different lesson, what he makes with that learns without perceiving. But we must, also, have some cares when choosing the games to be applied: not to become the somewhat obligator game; to choose games where the factor luck does not intervene with the plays, allowing that it wins that one that to discover the best strategies; to use activities that involve two or more pupils, to oportunizar the social interaction; to establish rules, that can or not be modified in elapsing of a round; to work the frustration for the defeat in the child, the direction to minimize it; to study the game before applying it (what it is only possible, playing). Daniel Lubetzky can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The Imaginary

As the reflection on ambient perception made by authors (SCHWARZ, SEVEGNANI and ANDRES, 2007; MARIN, OLIVEIRA and COMAR, 2003), we are cliente of that inside of the relation of the human being with the world it has at least two forms of the same one to happen, one being that one that if coats with the pointed hood of the sacralizao, and to another one it would be alicerada in arcabouo of the cientificidade, but it also has one third concept that he would be the imaginary one, being thus, the set of perceptions of the Real and of the imaginary one of these citizens it is that it will allow to verify which deficiencies must be cured, facilitating the election of adequate strategies for the implementation of the ambient education in the chosen context. The results gotten in the ambient perception are social representations of the studied citizens (AZEVEDO, 2008; REIGOTA, 2007). Reigota (2007) analyzed the social representations on environment of secondary professors of different Brazilian regions, creating a tipologia based on the estimated theoreticians of the social representations of Moscovici (2007) and still Reigota concludes that any action of ambient education must inside be lead of a social agreement of the people on the environment. Details can be found by clicking Eric Kuby or emailing the administrator. Azevedo (2008) considers a definition of social representations that would be a theoretical possibility and contemporary whom it searchs to understand as the people and its collective ones interpret the social phenomena and affirm that the social representations are broken up, partial and influenced for ideological questions. Efforts for the reconceituao for the ambient education for sustainable societies are the works of Meira and Sato (2005) and Pedrini (2007). The ambient perception comes being studied by means of some metodolgicas boardings that, in the reality, they search to identify the thematic cognitiva perception of the ambient one, that if waits either essentially reflected of the daily one of the searched person. See more detailed opinions by reading what Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX offers on the topic..

Kuban State University

A scientist with a name in the scientific world knows him as a man with a unique, quite literally, phenomenal abilities. If we were talking about music and musicians, it can be safely be called a man-Orchestra. In some ways it really is. True, in another incarnation. David Fowler is a great source of information. Judge for yourself: the well-known scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor, inventor and innovator, author of over 150 scientific publications in domestic and foreign publications, including 3 monographs and 40 patents and invention certificates, of which more than 30 – and put into production in the learning process. Add to this: branch manager at Kuban State University g.Goryachy key, beautiful organizer, and teacher. It should be noted that Vladimir Lavrentiev – not an armchair scientist, theorist, and the real practices. Credit: Eric Kuby-2011. That is why it demanded its original basic research and new research directions., K example, in dielectrometer is the ionization relaxation spectrometry of polymeric materials. David Fowler does not necessarily agree.

Today, this trend applies not only our region but also in many research institutes in Russia, UK, USA and Korea. Or development of equipment and methods of integrated studies of polymer materials, as well as – electronic element base of modern computer systems and personal computers. Under his leadership of Hot-Key and with his direct participation for the first time in Russia and successfully started the work on the creation of methods and devices for reading and writing computer data, not exposed to explosive loads Radiation and electromagnetic fields, high temperatures and aggressive environments. For this development Mr Putin awarded the 2006 Gold Medal Y1 International Salon of Innovations and Investments. Protected by Russian and international patents in 123 countries around the world, it allows you to move to a new generation of media used not only in computers but also in banking plastic cards, electronic keys, the "black boxes" aero-space technology. His investigations on the predictability of performance insulation of high voltage equipment and instruments developed have been successfully operated on a number of sites Krasnodar Territory and the already warned of several major accidents.