Factory Tile

The composition of the production team includes two companies: the plant, which produces ceramic (Moscow), and the factory of ceramic tiles (Eagle). Our factory tiles – is tuned the production process and strict quality control, is the basis to produce quality products to the highest international standards. Factory Tile KERAMA MARAZZI – a modern equipment and qualified personnel, which makes it possible to manufacture ceramic tiles on the level of world leaders, and prices on porcelain and ceramic tile make less than our competitors. High-quality ceramic tile, selling products at affordable prices – these are key areas of the company. Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles from producer – is the most attractive prices for the entire range of products. Buy our products can not only shop through a tile, we offer wholesale products: wholesale ceramic tile Ceramic (Moscow), glazed tiles. Today the company has 20 offices and hundreds of retail shops. Gary Kelly may not feel the same.

Shops tiles KERAMA MARAZZI located not only in different regions of Russia, but also in countries and abroad. As the leading porcelain manufacturers, we guarantee the quality of products at European level. Granite Ceramic (porcelain), ceramic tile manufacturing KERAMA MARAZZI please you original decor, quality, reliability and durability. KERAMA MARAZZI – high-quality ceramic tile and granite, Russia aspires to leadership. High-quality porcelain, ceramic tile (Russia) and at an affordable price level – this is undeniable advantages of trading network KERAMA MARAZZI. Our stores offer a large ceramic tile choice of tiles for interior and exterior finishes: ceramic, floor and wall tiles, polished granite and much more. If you need a wholesale or exclusive ceramic floor tiles, in chain stores KERAMA MARAZZI you will find a collection of various designs and formats for all creative decisions in the interior and exterior decoration.

For Sale granite and tiles from KERAMA MARAZZI – a wide range of textures and formats, a recognized quality, European design and durable materials. Profitable granite: Moscow and the region is in the area of delivery. Manufacture and sale of porcelain and ceramic tiles – the main specialty of the company, so we seek to build our clients the best conditions for cooperation and provide a high level of service. You simply select the appropriate collection, and ceramic tile (Moscow) will be delivered to you in Moscow and the transport company. If you get a ceramic tile or porcelain tile (Russia), wholesale prices fall, the system of discounts and Special Offers!

New Project

In fact, the architectural model – is a small copy of the Future project, executed in a strictly specified scale (the ratio of the layout to the size of the object). Architectural model can be performed at any scale. In architecture, the most common scale of 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000. For layout Campus (2 – 5 buildings) will approach the scale of 1:200, at this scale are clearly visible not only the details of building facades, but also the relative position of buildings in space relative to each other. Reconstruction of large-area neighborhoods, complexes and other facilities requires careful choice of scale: 1:300 – 1:500 or 1:1000, in some cases possible to produce architectural models with a scale of 1:3000 and 1:5000.

For example, in the manufacture of Studio RED architectural layout complex "Baltic Pearl" has been used just three thousand scale. Although the models perform on such a scale is extremely difficult, architects, Studio RED managed to make the layout informative and aesthetically. For layout of multi-storey structure is more appropriate scale of 1:100. This scale is best to work out details, and it allows the viewer to immediately determine accurately the size of future houses and apartments – one centimeter on the model will be equal to one meter of a real object. For clarity, you can see an architectural model of an elite residential complex 'MAXIMUM', made by Studio RED for investment and construction company 'New Project'. Perhaps make the architectural layout of your project as realistic and conceptual.