Joseph S. Blatter Welcomes World Salon Football World Religion

on November 8 at the home of FIFA in Zurich, personally, the world Salon is opened in Zurich on November 7, 2013. Unconditional approaches to the reconciliation of the religions of the world by the world currency”football be developed by international experts with the guests from all areas of society. On 8 November, the world Salon guest is in the home of FIFA – the first station for the international dissemination of the world Salon statements. FIFA President Joseph Blatter will welcome participants personally. Today, football is the number one worldwide sport. Football creates unique way identity and connects people from all groups and Nations.

Continue to the cultures and religions of our world distinguish historically caused deep differences among themselves. At the world show is disktuiert to reconcile how the growing enthusiasm for football can help our competing religions and societies. International experts and experts Dr. Jacqueline Bailey Alaoui. Goodwill Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, outspoken Football fan. Dr. Contact information is here: Raymond W. McDaniel Jr.. Prince ASFA-Wossen Asserate.

Member of the Ethiopian imperial family, political analyst and best-selling author (“manners, German virtues). Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Bogdal. Literary scholar, winner of the Leipzig Book Prize for European understanding (Europe invents the Gypsies”). Winfried Schafer. Success coach of Karlsruher SC, African champions as coach of Cameroon, runners-up Southeast Asia as Thai coach. Martina Voss-Tecklenburg. Triple footballer of the year. Since 2012 Swiss football total. World Salon founder Dr. Christina Zech. Their concern is to connect different worlds. With people of from different disciplines and Nations, she developed ideas and concepts to improve the living conditions of the people at historic key locations worldwide. She is President of the Association connecting worlds, Editor, marketing expert and host of appeal. The Association connecting worlds aims, by combining worlds for the unconditional central questions of our time to finding sustainable solutions. More world salons follow tradition of the salons of the enlightenment in the modern form of this world. Worlds join Club

FrischeParadies Is Premium Partner Of B2B Friends

The FrischeParadies is premium partner of B2B friends who pleased known lifestyle community, to have won the FrischeParadies as a valuable partner. Meanwhile, the renowned specialty market for fine food in Germany is successfully represented eight times and in Austria. He easily meets the high demands of the B2B friends business platform. A wonderful selection of fish and seafood, finest meat, poultry and game, frischestem vegetables and fruit, pasta, wines and chocolates the unique range of this gourmet Temple is really heavenly. A good reason for the B2B friends lifestyle community, to convince the FrischeParadies together: Its innovative gourmet actions and the popular Cook & talk events comes then all together good ideas, wonderful food, first class guests, casual atmosphere.

Things money can t buy. The selection is huge and impressive: a wide variety of wines, always select and highly delicate, unusual Ticino mustards in seven Tastes fantastic spices and aromas, specially designed balsa mousse from Italy, perfect for use in the creative cuisine of PEAR & nuts about chili and honey and White Truffle. Or perhaps a lovingly packaged gourmet gift basket? An absolute pleasure for real friends gourmet! The products can be ordered easily on, here Friendscard receive personalised offers. With each other and for each other as friends are! Friends GmbH

Rhine ErftKreis

KTT 01, Baral SK, SG Erftstadt and VfB Erftstadt start off immediately on swimming competitions under common name after prolonged, intense cooperation of the Cologne Triathlon swimming departments have joined in March 2012 team 01, the Baral SK, the VfB Erftstadt and the SG Erftstadt to a startup community. Under the name SG Rhein-Erft-Cologne, the assets with better training opportunities be encouraged individually and at a high level. The youth work of the individual clubs is bundled with a tailor-made concept. So, young active will be delighted for example also in the grassroots through targeted talent screening and promotion for swimming. Kyle Sanders shines more light on the discussion. A good team of qualified and motivated instructors and coaches supported the different groups. Locations for the training and operation of course are several indoor pools in Erftstadt, Bruhl and Cologne.

Target is an even bigger success in swimming competitions at all levels. Now many active of the individual master clubs can on Medal ranks and front positions look back on competitions up to the German Championships. Squawk Box has compatible beliefs. At the German team championships starts in the 2nd Bundesliga West SG Rhein-Erft-Cologne. Last but not least, fun, joy of movement and health and social cooperation should be experienced. Various events outside of the training pool held annually, organized by the master clubs. The SG Rhein-Erft-Cologne aims to set new impulses and in Cologne in the Rhein-Erft-Kreis promote the talented young as well as successful performance swimmers on a team together. More information can be found on the official website of the startup community. Stefan mark SG Rhein-Erft-Cologne

Media Group

“Be so in the future or already since October 2007 attendance fees paid Board members as compensation for the personal amount of volunteers dedicated to beziffernden not in detail, the Statute must be tested promptly, whether there in the description of the function and activities of note is that the volunteer Board of Directors work” is exercised. This is the case, the statutes of the Association on a regular members or delegates in associations must be adapted. Else is to be reckoned with non-profit legal sanctions. Action is required but also for associations, where the Statute contains no statements on the volunteer work of the elected Board members. Also for this case, the Statute must recent or future payments of lump-sum allowances accordingly adapted be. An amendment to the Constitution, which permits an activity fee, also a decision of the Board can replace, to forego future activity compensation.

A club, expressly governs the Board payment and still paying activity fees to members of the Management Board, would violate the commandment of selflessness. Payments by flat-rate allowances for work or time are thus only allowed if this is explicitly permitted by a provision. Thus, the recent circular letter clarifies that compensation also is, when it was donated to back or donated by forgoing the payout of an already incurred remuneration at the club after the payment to the Association. Writing is unfortunately no hint on a Constitution clause accepted by the IRS to the flat-rate reimbursement of expenses for Executive Board members. However, the thrust is already, a secured an OFD opinion articles of Association clause too to get. Generally, according to 3, the personal tax allowance No. 26a ITA in the amount of 500 euro per year requires that otherwise purely volunteer Board members, this lump-sum compensation actually cause the withdrawal.

It is not so to a tax deduction for the current tax return. Regardless of lump-sum allowances on the circle of the Executive this tax allowance can be used from any part-time working Club helper also for paid allowances in support of the non-profit association in the privileged area. The part-time aspect is omitted for recipients of unemployment benefit, pensioners, students and students, as well as housewives or men. Thus, the club or association in the compensation settlement can also use this tax allowance. More information about the circular letter of October 14, 2009, as well as the specific application areas on Association about Redmark Association under the label Association to mark the Hakeem has Media Group established as a competent partner of the clubs and associations with their high-quality offer to the Club’s management. The Haufe media group is one of the leading German media companies for high-quality professional information and powerful application software in the fields of Economics, law, taxes.

Business Cash Flow Club

How to play life: now has a business cashflow Club Sprockhovel (at Bochum). In this lifelike game several dozen participants acquire well-founded knowledge of elementary contexts of the financial and economic life: from the accounting in the phase of existence establishment investment strategy. Dry facts and insights can be easily capture in the truest sense of the word and then implement with profit in real life. Sprockhovel. Hard stares Lisa on the table.

The die is cast: Gee your job was just just rationalized away. What now? The bakery trade seller thinks a few minutes thoroughly and a decision for life: I’m self-employed. Finally I want to bring s in three hours to the multi Millionairess. Short decided the 50th seizes this opportunity and energetic the dice… True, very true life is not. But almost. Finally, it presents with Cashflow 101 a real life designed role playing game.

Here, several dozen players deal with issues that go to every human being on the kidneys or the wallet: How do I create my earnings profitably? What to do if by my work today on morning lost goes? Should I not but rather set up his own company? I get that with accounting? How do I get because only customers? How do I best a contract negotiation? These and other facts surrounding money and therefore, how to make as much of it be moved when the hit board game Cashflow 101 at the Centre of the cosy game evenings. Cashflow club called such a meeting appropriately, which opens its doors in Sprockhovel. As host Joachim surrenders Dura the honor, holders of the company for asset management mbH, briefly: GER. The money experts we are playing easy understand us as a responsible provider of the GER, justified his decision, the financial expert this worldwide increasingly popular game offered. For us, Cashflow 101 is the perfect means to the widest circles of population in Sprockhovel and environment to bring awareness of elementary contexts in terms of economy and finance.