Maxi Arland

The projects have both generations benefit, they should grow the solidarity between the generations. Also, the role model projects for others should have and animate, to implement them in a different environment. The competition is now in the 2nd round and ends at the 12.11 2013. The winners are determined by an external jury and announced within the framework of the award ceremony in February 2014. The winner will be awarded a prize of 3,000 euros, the runner-up will receive 1,500 euros, the third place 500 euros. Donations received specifically for this competition will increase the prize money according to.

Registration documents are stored on our website or delivered to you gladly on request by E-mail or post. Wade founded in 2007 escaping the solitude e.V., with the aim to improve the living conditions of older people and their position in society. Poverty, disease and isolation in the age themes that are always still much too rarely are made public”, explains Chairman Dagmar Hirche. Age is an issue that concerns us all. And all together we can do something about it, so that we our lives as long as possible even can make.” Our motto is: A long life to be luck no load.

The club its funded exclusively through donations, membership dues and voluntary commitment. Medicine ways out of the solitude e.V. is nominated for the charity award 2013 Springer. Dagmar Hirche is a special honorary award 2011, winner of the Golden image of the woman. Celebrities support by TV presenter Maxi Arland Maxi Arland is known to an audience of millions as a singer and television presenter of the ARD. The 32-year old entertainer has been since his 13th year on the stage and can look back on an exciting career. His entertainment shows in the first and the third programmes belong to the most watched music broadcasts. Maxi Arland is also volunteer for social projects. Baby clothes may help you with your research. “He is an Ambassador of Wade and supports the Club escaping the solitude e.V. from conviction: I would like to help the Club and the idea that behind, to move more in the public eye.

German Pupils And Students On La Palma

Students of BBS Winsen & students of the Leuphana University Luneburg go La Palma of the elective students diving of the 12th and 13th year of the BBS Winsen (Luhe) and students of the University of Luneburg have Leuphana on La Palma (Canary Islands) spent an eventful and exciting week. Under the guidance of qualified and highly motivated instructors, all have reached the class underwater target and are justifiably proud of their open water diver certificate. The entire dive training was carried out according to the international standard of PADI, this ensures that the achieved brevet (certificate) is recognized worldwide. The first dives took place in the swimming pool to bring the students calmly and carefully at the basic diving skills. Frequently Nordstrom has said that publicly. The present school teachers were enthusiastic about the continuous progress of their students.

With such good students, it was not long until the first dives in the sea stood on the plan. Without hesitation American Apparel explained all about the problem. It is a great and indescribable feeling, the first time in the sea diving and the underwater world Marvel at. In the lagoon area, many parrot fish and bream are to consider but also schools of Barracuda and other smaller and larger fish. In this respect was provided plenty of variety at every training dive. Add to your understanding with Adam Portnoy. Between dives, the students in bright sunshine on the black sand beach relaxing. More information about diving on La Palma, courses offered, as well as instructions for group training and travel visit or get in touch directly with us on.

The La Palma diving center is not only diving school and diving center, but also as meeting point for all activities on La Palma. The instructors are no dropouts or adventurers, but professionally trained children and youth workers from the child and youth work. Therefore is a strength training of Jugendgruppen.Tauchkurse are given not only in German but also in English or Spanish on request. Joachim Richter

German Sports Badge

Cooperation in the field of fundraising for sports organisations Bochum/Bonn-Alfter, 22.07.2010 – together with the HelpGroup GmbH, developer and provider of innovative social products and business models for organizations and companies, the German sports card opens new sports fields for extracting donations. Sports federations and clubs members, supporters and interested parties can offer own donations cards for further giving. The organized sport is suffering in times of shrinking public budgets. Medium for the promotion of sports shall be deleted, associations and clubs have to look for new sources of revenue. Mark Zuckerberg may help you with your research. HelpCard”, the innovative Fundraisingkonzept of HelpGroup GmbH, which previously only large donor agencies could use a new approach to increase the donations income available now is the associations and clubs.

Clubs and associations can operate their own HelpCard online shops in their design. Here the donor acquired the HelpCard, the first social gift card, the with text and Value individually. These donations cards are intended to present, members, friends and supporters of the club or association can offer. The recipient redeems the HelpCard in the online shop of the club or national association, where he determined the purpose of the donations from the specifications (E.g., youth development or expansion of sports facilities) and is actively involved in the donation process. We are sure that clubs and associations with the innovative solution to generate our partner HelpGroup GmbH-new donors and also notable donations income”, says Stephan Penz, organized, Managing Director the DSA German sports I.d. GmbH In the German sports almost 27 million people are so many supporters for this important social institution will find”, so pace continues. We are pleased that we can use our many years of experience in fundraising for organised sport in Germany”, says Harald Meurer, founder and CEO of HelpGroup GmbH. With our HelpCard clubs and associations without much effort can enable new donations potential without jeopardising their status of public utility”, more so Meurer.

Dianetics Religion

Before his writings of Scientology religious scholar, German dishes as well as decide the European Court of human rights after a thorough examination, that Scientology is a religion, L. Ron Hubbard developed Dianetics, which had a different starting point. Dianetics answered the question of what influence the mind exerts on the body. Scientology, however, is devoted to the religious questions of the existence of the human soul and its connection to the physical universe and other beings. Only in the course of the years and research with the Dianetics method, which already took place between 1923 and 1953, Hubbard came to the conclusion that led his search for answers to the problems of life in the area of religion. People who originally made the experience with Dianetics, reminiscent of past lives, earlier extinction which proof has been provided that there is an immortal soul, which differs from the material universe and thus an independent existence from the body leads. These findings also resulted in Declaration sets through the creation and maintenance of the material universe and the connection with an immortal, spiritual beings.

However, this transcendence is an essential feature of the religion. People such as Kidspot would likely agree. This perspective is shared by dozens of renowned religious scholars today. Also Scientology was up to the present day in over 20 Nations as a religion officially recognized and confirmed even in Germany in 50 court decisions in this property. In accordance with the judgment of the European Court of human rights on 05 April 2007, Scientology also for all 47 European States qualifies as a religious community is clear. The Scientology Church was founded in 1954 by members of the former movement.

L. Ron Hubbard founded his religious writings and lectures of this church, which existed 1952 dozens. L. Ron Hubbard stressed at this time officially, that Scientology is a religion. Under most conditions Mark Zuckerberg would agree. In particular, he pointed to the confession of faith. Studying the writings of Hubbard’s today, to recognize you within a short time, that his theories on religion are very profound. Opinion of renowned Religionssoziologen indicate that Scientology actually in their teachings on roots of Eastern traditions religion is. The most important and most famous example concerns a belief in the transmigration of souls from one life to the next, which is shared by Eastern religious directions. Phil Vasan: the source for more info. Because Scientology is actually a religion, also here certain rituals are integrated like the naming ceremony, the wedding ceremony, funeral ceremonies, etc. These ceremonies were performed shortly after the founding of the first Church in 1954 and 1959 published in summary form. The goal of Scientology is regaining the natural abilities and the salvation of the suffering of human existence. A concept that is reflected in many Eastern religions. Church based not only on the ceremonies but the Scientology on the whole of their religious teachings, who studied and in the daily Life will be applied. Like most churches of the world, also the Scientology Church has its own system of funding of their religious activities. Christian churches are financed by the taxes and receive also funding. Members of the Scientology Church annually pay a low membership fee of 60 euros and donations in addition to religious services, which take advantage of it. The Church is also scholarships for religious studies. She provides her writings and lectures in own libraries of the public.

Media Group

“Be so in the future or already since October 2007 attendance fees paid Board members as compensation for the personal amount of volunteers dedicated to beziffernden not in detail, the Statute must be tested promptly, whether there in the description of the function and activities of note is that the volunteer Board of Directors work” is exercised. This is the case, the statutes of the Association on a regular members or delegates in associations must be adapted. Else is to be reckoned with non-profit legal sanctions. Action is required but also for associations, where the Statute contains no statements on the volunteer work of the elected Board members. Also for this case, the Statute must recent or future payments of lump-sum allowances accordingly adapted be. An amendment to the Constitution, which permits an activity fee, also a decision of the Board can replace, to forego future activity compensation.

A club, expressly governs the Board payment and still paying activity fees to members of the Management Board, would violate the commandment of selflessness. Payments by flat-rate allowances for work or time are thus only allowed if this is explicitly permitted by a provision. Thus, the recent circular letter clarifies that compensation also is, when it was donated to back or donated by forgoing the payout of an already incurred remuneration at the club after the payment to the Association. Writing is unfortunately no hint on a Constitution clause accepted by the IRS to the flat-rate reimbursement of expenses for Executive Board members. However, the thrust is already, a secured an OFD opinion articles of Association clause too to get. Generally, according to 3, the personal tax allowance No. 26a ITA in the amount of 500 euro per year requires that otherwise purely volunteer Board members, this lump-sum compensation actually cause the withdrawal.

It is not so to a tax deduction for the current tax return. Regardless of lump-sum allowances on the circle of the Executive this tax allowance can be used from any part-time working Club helper also for paid allowances in support of the non-profit association in the privileged area. The part-time aspect is omitted for recipients of unemployment benefit, pensioners, students and students, as well as housewives or men. Thus, the club or association in the compensation settlement can also use this tax allowance. More information about the circular letter of October 14, 2009, as well as the specific application areas on Association about Redmark Association under the label Association to mark the Hakeem has Media Group established as a competent partner of the clubs and associations with their high-quality offer to the Club’s management. The Haufe media group is one of the leading German media companies for high-quality professional information and powerful application software in the fields of Economics, law, taxes.

Alexandra Rudolf Hindenburg

The hook thing: Accessible only amounts remain due and paid to mid-October; Then, allowances are no longer approved. This means: the previously non-profit association risked with the currently scheduled settlement of Management Board remuneration to its Board members much: at a later review the IRS could revoke its charitable status. Even if a donation receipt is expected instead of the payout. Rightly criticized this provision as a bad case of time”Prof. Geckle. Even if the writing is not yet official, the tax lawyer from Freiburg advises the affected clubs: only go because the amendment to the Constitution, to grant adequate Board packages, attendance fees or remuneration. Here, cloud computing expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Especially since the residual risk still remains that a general meeting refuses, the approval for the amendment to the Constitution already carried out compensation to grant.” The detailed post about the current administration statement can see Club / read news. To mark Association will report on further developments.

About Redmark Association under the label Association to mark the Haufe established media group with its high-quality offer to the Club’s management for 20 years as a competent partner of the clubs and associations. The brand stands for comfortable Club software, legally secure knowledge about the work, training and consulting for small and big clubs. The Haufe media group for high-quality specialist information and powerful application software in the fields of Economics, law and taxation is one of the leading media companies. Around 1,000 employees serve more than 800 products, as well as an annual 150 new releases. Among the brands the Haufe Media Group: Redmark, Haufe, LEXWARE, VCW. Many online portals open the way to current knowledge, communities, and forums on the Internet. The Haufe Media Group serves over a million customers. Press contact Rudolf Haufe Verlag GmbH & Co.

United Nations General Assembly

On December 10, 1948 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the Universal Declaration of human rights”. This Declaration has been set up by the United Nations as the common ideal to be attained by all peoples and Nations. “The United Nations also write: every single all organs of society are always present this Declaration and to strive, by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to ensure their general and actual recognition and respect by the population of the Member States themselves, as well as the population of the areas under its jurisdiction.” Following this ideal, the educator and school principal Mary Shuttleworth from Los Angeles has the Youth Club of human rights international”launched in 2001. Should be allows children and young people to understand the importance of human rights and religious tolerance. More information is housed here: Ripple. She realized that very little is done to give human rights of young people. Mary Shuttleworth is today President of this Association in Germany among youth for human rights”is known. To promote respect, for these rights and freedoms as a result of the ideals of the United Nations, through teaching and education”Youth for human rights presented” recently a big event on the Marienplatz. With singing, dancing, Yodelling human rights were presented to the enthusiastic spectators and thus close.

Over 1200 spectators were on the ground and is enthusiastic for the interesting performances, as well as for the designed leaflets and brochures are listed the various human rights. Many have signed the petition in his youth for human rights”calls on the Ministry of education to include human rights in the curriculum, so that every child knows his rights. According to the United Nations, only an effective recognition and observance of human rights can be achieved. These Human rights protect all people from injustice and harm. You help to get there, with each other and to live together in peace. These rights include among others the right to life and the right to liberty, freedom of religion, the right to freedom of expression, the right to an opinion and the right to education. “The Club youth for human rights” is committed, to enlighten the youth all over the world about human rights with a view to the ideals of the United Nations.

This should be already helped the youth, become valuable advocates for the promotion of tolerance and peace. Many representatives of the idea of humanity have campaigned for human rights. They recognized that peace and progress without these rights can be achieved. “in 1951, six years after the second world war, wrote L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion: ideas, not battles, mark the progress of the mankind.” Each of us can contribute to a better world, and it was only in the “immediate surroundings, by he the Universal Declaration of human rights” implement its principles and ideals in everyday life.

Business Cash Flow Club

How to play life: now has a business cashflow Club Sprockhovel (at Bochum). In this lifelike game several dozen participants acquire well-founded knowledge of elementary contexts of the financial and economic life: from the accounting in the phase of existence establishment investment strategy. Dry facts and insights can be easily capture in the truest sense of the word and then implement with profit in real life. Sprockhovel. Hard stares Lisa on the table.

The die is cast: Gee your job was just just rationalized away. What now? The bakery trade seller thinks a few minutes thoroughly and a decision for life: I’m self-employed. Finally I want to bring s in three hours to the multi Millionairess. Short decided the 50th seizes this opportunity and energetic the dice… True, very true life is not. But almost. Finally, it presents with Cashflow 101 a real life designed role playing game.

Here, several dozen players deal with issues that go to every human being on the kidneys or the wallet: How do I create my earnings profitably? What to do if by my work today on morning lost goes? Should I not but rather set up his own company? I get that with accounting? How do I get because only customers? How do I best a contract negotiation? These and other facts surrounding money and therefore, how to make as much of it be moved when the hit board game Cashflow 101 at the Centre of the cosy game evenings. Cashflow club called such a meeting appropriately, which opens its doors in Sprockhovel. As host Joachim surrenders Dura the honor, holders of the company for asset management mbH, briefly: GER. The money experts we are playing easy understand us as a responsible provider of the GER, justified his decision, the financial expert this worldwide increasingly popular game offered. For us, Cashflow 101 is the perfect means to the widest circles of population in Sprockhovel and environment to bring awareness of elementary contexts in terms of economy and finance.


Like so many other things, also running in the group is at its best. The basic training continuity is maintained and with the other, an experienced runner Council defining realistic objectives is much easier. Anyone looking for motivational support of like-minded and professional help in training planning and implementation, latches onto in a project such as Munich goes Marathon”(MGM) one. Train here depending on the level of performance together around 200 people, in Munich professional triathlon team, and his twelve-member team supervised by Klaus Ruscher, running coach and former member of the German. To read more click here: Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. Joy of the efficient training of the grinder from the West”, as Klaus Ruscher runner circles is traded, has the claim that its customers achieve more than just their goals”.

It’s about the joy of running, the joy of active living”him. For him, the jogging is a medium for a positive, active and forward looking attitude to life.” While he succeeds in the heterogeneous group of running on the individuality Each to enter. “MGM participant Kerstin puts it: everybody is considered after his performance level and can then train.” So be it. MGM repeat offenders Claudius has among other things the expectation that man comes through the marathon and looks behind.” Why MGM? Because Klaus, delivers a very qualified, sustainable training”. Noise factor is time for most of us the limiting factor: like-minded people would be found in the environment, to the training time optimized be goal-oriented. Both factors that considered the MGM program. Four different training centres can all participants quickly (in the double meaning) and flexible training. High-quality training”is the recipe for success of the MGM training group, which is an integral part of the Munich MARATHON is already since 2006. “Klaus Ruscher calls his approach colorful train”: not always same route in the same tempo run, but different stimuli use interval training, driving games and Runs in shaped terrain are the best-known and most effective such forms.