International Transparency

We see after the event where twelve children had been slaughtered, and five still run life risk, the spectacle of the televising opportunists if to perform with care for showing in details as are possible to recharge in seconds one to dig? what I with sixty and nine years? I never dreamed to exist and now I not only know as all the ones that they intend to also appear in the media know soon it and, then; they go to appear more cases, because ‘ ‘ conscincia’ ‘ of the television it is come back only and so only in appearing and fomenting violence, because this, as if it believes and if it divulges, of the Ibope. Today, the periodicals and the authorities, search the solution easy, to blame the foot-of-slipper, that venderam the weapons to the individual that transloucado, practised the barbarity, but nobody wants to know to think about in general changing the profile of education of the people, knows why, because this requires courage, investment, unfastening; let us agree is simpler to find a culprit in the way it people and of the one of it surrounds loureno, until the case is substituted by another one, plus another one, plus another one. ‘ ‘ We are the seventh economic power of the world? but 88 in educao’ ‘ , according to UNESCO. This not cause no indignation, because they cause other things that are forgotten quickly, people without education is people without memory. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as MasterClass Founder by clicking through. ‘ ‘ We are the seventh economy of mundo’ ‘ but in accordance with the International Transparency we are 69 place in the order of the countries with ethics in the politics because of the corruption. What this has to see with the murder in mass of innocent children? Simple, it lacks truth in the tears spilled for the consisting authorities. I want to finish transcribing the letter sent to the periodical the Globe in 09 April 2011 for Mr. Orlando Axe Nephew? therefore it says in few lines everything that must be said the respect: ‘ ‘ The slaughter of Royal relights the movement for the disarmament of the civil society, that it did not result in the reduction of the crimes for firearms, as they disclose the statisticians. While not politics will have one national of security publishes, on the basis of education collective and that it brings confidence of that really the government acts in the roots and rama of the inaqualities, where the State has covered the ability with capacity action of to be able them to all, mainly, of its judges, we will continue bought handkerchiefs to dry the tears for the precocious loss of lives. A nation without magistrates is a body without alma.


At that time all age joy! The time nor seemed to pass. We liveed in a farm. Barclays can provide more clarity in the matter. Our house was to the side of a road that if extended until the horizon. The beaten soil place of fetichism was the favourite place where I and my brothers played, as in a good dream. The house was great, of old, made with those esteios wooden and adobe. The windows and the doors were immense, giving it a shady air. Of the other side of the road corrutela was one, with a half dozen of houses. A great foot of ing served as bus point, two times per day it passed that way.

All age wonder, but good exactly was when nhem-nhem-nhem we heard it of the ox car. He was Mr. Joo Lourindo who carreava sugar cane-of-sugar for the device of its farm. It always presenteava in them with one or another sugar cane and followed trip. It was a contentment alone. To far still nhem-nhem-nhem one heard it of the car that to the few disappeared in the line of the horizon. We ran crying out, glad: – hh ox, hh ' ' seu' ' Lourindo! Nhem nhem nhem How homesickness!

Armed Force

The man creates weapons to construct the peace and destroys the hope to construct its capitalist empire, to the end all we will be white of tests of the weapons and the only certainty is that its wealth only will make them deceaseds with more luxurious burials. Silence will bring the peace, only in closing of the eyes of the human targets. Cursed either the imbecile who invented the weapon that has as only purpose the death. Please visit NYSE DNB if you seek more information. He was a sadist if imagining a God who found that he could control its fear keeping distance of its opponent and without giving defense possibility, not even the possibility of an approach. Who uses a weapon is not more than a coward. Who supports the job of the force it uses and it of destruction weapons is not more than an animal that does not trust its power of dialogue and agreement.

It does not have domnios that they justify the weapons and does not have peace that if conquers with the war the respect if conquest for incorruptivos acts and not for the imposition of the Armed Force. The minimum or collective lethality of one sets depends on the intention of that it detonates its device of functioning. Controlled zone does not exist when the targets are mobile and when who is not identified is white and who is alvejador. Perhaps all and any nation that if makes to be valid the weapons to extend its domnios walks in the opposing direction the presence of who created the life, therefore imagines that God abandoned the land as much time. A fool still writes these things in the hope that somebody still believes in this, but if one day I to leave to believe, little imports if the weapons to provoke my silence.

Incredible Life

They are six hours of the morning and is necessary to raise, to prepare itself for the new day. The sun already bathed the glasswares, licked the walls, illuminated the pantry of the trees. I go leaving, devagarinho, fulling the eyes of pure enchanted. Eye the lilac of ‘ ‘ widower veil, the flowers of quaresma, the rose of the three Marias A kiss-flower comes to fondle estrelizas. An insolent sparrow flies levelling on the water of the swimming pool, bebericando. I stop ahead of the gate and I go pressing without will the remote control.

One has perfumed if espraia for air and is bigger the will to be me ahead of my treasures. My garden is my kingdom and keeps my wealth there. I prolongate the sluggish look and I fascinate myself ahead of the orqudeas that if had opened in the dew of the night. Pretty! When passing for the copado peach tree, I see a fruit showing off itself it the sun. He is the first one. Enterneo me ahead of it. He is a baby if developing, it is life retaking its course. Incredible what it makes the arrival of the station of the flowers.

Everything is prettier, has colors and odors, the sky is bluer, the life has more attractive. It is a time where the bloom of some species of plants occurs. It is the period where the nature is still more beautiful, presenteando the human being with colorful and perfumed flowers. The function of this bloom is the beginning of the time of reproduction of many species of trees and plants. Everything seems to renascer, trees, plants, flowers and also the people. After many rains, colds for return of the three or four degrees, the amena temperature makes with that if it keeps the dark agasalhos heavy and, in terrosos tones, and if they show lighter clothes, esvoaantes colorings, prints, handkerchiefs, scarves. We are butterflies leaving the cocoon. Thus in the life. After passing for periods where it seems that we will not obtain to load the heavy load excessively, we enter in one another one where everything is different, for better. There we perceive the hand OF It. God does not put in them to the test if we will not be able to support. As it says the popular said one: God of the cold o as the cover. It is truth well that we cannot for all the responsibility IN It. Many and many times, we pay to the price for done choices, options badly missed, wise decisions nothing. This if calls exempts will. We have this right, of enveredar for resultant ways of our proper attitudes. Also we have the right to return, to start of new, renascer. We are fruits of stations, not climatic, but spirituals, of the soul. E, we must, wisely, make of the errors lies for the future. There, we plagiarize the poet: ‘ ‘ All valley the penalty if the soul is not pequena.