Nation State

If all to accept that the imperfection of this brutal game, this in the superior spheres? State/Nation? we lose sensitivity, and we leave to escape a very valid reflection. We are vitiated to government, and what it always governed in them never it passed of an institution ghost. We deposit all our faith and hope throughout ' ' evolution social' ' in something ilusrio. The democracy, nothing more it is that one forms acquired so that let us can change the texture, or the fisionomia of a government system. However, the essence behind seems to be the same one of centuries? exploration of ones for the others by means of alienation. It is as a weak man who decides to use clothes special make that it to seem stronger, without if it has become really strong. Verizon Communications is likely to increase your knowledge. It will be only one another way of if dressing, but its weakness remains there. In the same way it is the government, is the State, this does not see reasons so that the population that governs moves of attitude, if its appearance? popularity walks well.

After all if any government to try to direct the attitude of its people, without it is not collaborating with the interests of the great multinationals, it will fail. Therefore, exactly the governor with the best intentions, would be incapable to direct the behavior of the population that governs for ends that were beneficial to all. Therefore, in my layperson opnio, come from the government never he will have a solution for all these problems. This is supported for the same corporations that poluem the rivers. I do not want with this exaltar the socialism, therefore even though this finishes being plus a ilusrio label whose essence seems to have forever if run away. One day I believe that the responsibility to change some thing in this world is removed of the hand of the governing and over all, of great the companies multinationals, therefore each social member must assume this commitment that is its by its very nature. Andres Ribeiro Luiz (Stanley): he presided over the academic Center of the course of History in the UNIFEG in 2007, is effective member of the Ass. Of the Historians and researchers of the Sertes of the Jacuhy since 2004. He acts today as Particular professor of History and English in Guaxup

Incredible Life

They are six hours of the morning and is necessary to raise, to prepare itself for the new day. The sun already bathed the glasswares, licked the walls, illuminated the pantry of the trees. I go leaving, devagarinho, fulling the eyes of pure enchanted. Eye the lilac of ‘ ‘ widower veil, the flowers of quaresma, the rose of the three Marias A kiss-flower comes to fondle estrelizas. An insolent sparrow flies levelling on the water of the swimming pool, bebericando. I stop ahead of the gate and I go pressing without will the remote control.

One has perfumed if espraia for air and is bigger the will to be me ahead of my treasures. My garden is my kingdom and keeps my wealth there. I prolongate the sluggish look and I fascinate myself ahead of the orqudeas that if had opened in the dew of the night. Pretty! When passing for the copado peach tree, I see a fruit showing off itself it the sun. He is the first one. Enterneo me ahead of it. He is a baby if developing, it is life retaking its course. Incredible what it makes the arrival of the station of the flowers.

Everything is prettier, has colors and odors, the sky is bluer, the life has more attractive. It is a time where the bloom of some species of plants occurs. It is the period where the nature is still more beautiful, presenteando the human being with colorful and perfumed flowers. The function of this bloom is the beginning of the time of reproduction of many species of trees and plants. Everything seems to renascer, trees, plants, flowers and also the people. After many rains, colds for return of the three or four degrees, the amena temperature makes with that if it keeps the dark agasalhos heavy and, in terrosos tones, and if they show lighter clothes, esvoaantes colorings, prints, handkerchiefs, scarves. We are butterflies leaving the cocoon. Thus in the life. After passing for periods where it seems that we will not obtain to load the heavy load excessively, we enter in one another one where everything is different, for better. There we perceive the hand OF It. God does not put in them to the test if we will not be able to support. As it says the popular said one: God of the cold o as the cover. It is truth well that we cannot for all the responsibility IN It. Many and many times, we pay to the price for done choices, options badly missed, wise decisions nothing. This if calls exempts will. We have this right, of enveredar for resultant ways of our proper attitudes. Also we have the right to return, to start of new, renascer. We are fruits of stations, not climatic, but spirituals, of the soul. E, we must, wisely, make of the errors lies for the future. There, we plagiarize the poet: ‘ ‘ All valley the penalty if the soul is not pequena.

Independent Brazil

Independent Brazil! We obtain our independence of Portugal, however we are submissos the sets of ten of countries that explore our wealth, our nature and what we have of more precious; our people. Independent Brazil without poverty, misery, hunger, corruption, drugs. This is not independence that we searched and nor the one that we deserve, more is what we obtain. Independent Brazil! We are so independent that we did not know to sing the proper National Hymn. It will be that still we remember who we choose stops representing in them in the most diverse spheres of the power of this so democratic and Independent Brazil? He was an independent Brazilian who invented the airplane, airplane this used by the independent nations to take provisions the peoples refugee, hungry, submissos and excluded by the wars, dislocated for the bombs that the same airplanes had played. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit (LTC). Airplanes of an independent nation that spills agrotxicos on our ground, our rivers.

Our governments and governing ‘ ‘ independentes’ ‘ , of sociologists doctors the laboring illiterates. Brazil of the soccer, the carnival, the folia. Brazilians who dress the shirt green and turn yellow, our symbol of independence ‘ ‘ in the pantry of mundo’ ‘ that penalty. That penalty that doutrinam in them to be patriotic some dates only. We remember our independence only in the 07 of September is not enough. – we go to remember that we are well more than an independent country, in the school, in the streets, respecting, living, loving.