Pregnancy And Blood Sugar

The only exception to this rule is the case of renal transplant patients because the procedure referred to those who have recovered their renal function and behavior during pregnancy is similar to patients in class B. As I mentioned previously, the association during pregnancy prior miacroangiopatia (especially IRC), severe hypertension, poorly controlled and of course the poor control of blood sugar rise very poor prognosis for the baby in our hospital almost 100% of patients with this association end (depending on the age of pregnancy) with an abortion (fetal death before 26 weeks or less product weight 600 g) or a stillbirth (intrauterine fetal death before birth) between 26-32 weeks of gestation. Preconception Council. Taking into account the above-mentioned data, and that type 1 diabetic patients are usually teenagers or young people of reproductive age and increased risk of pregnancy at this stage of life, whether on a scheduled or not, one feels the need that any patient in this condition have a proper medical evaluation and forecast before planning a pregnancy. It is therefore important to stress that in these patients the incidental or unintended pregnancies are absolutely contraindicated and that the decision to get pregnant must be planned and considered by the couple having a proper medical evaluation and information necessary to carry out knowledge and responsibility. The methods of family planning for married women or a stable relationship, and the methods of emergency in case of adolescents or young people with casual sex should be known and put into practice both in the same patients as for their partners to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Brookfield Asset Management can provide more clarity in the matter.