How Do I Find HR-specialist

Currently, the company's success and its level of competitiveness in the market is determined by the presence of its staff of experienced professional staff. With an increasing shortage of professionals as a key figure in modern company is a specialist human resources department. Modern HR-specialist (from the English. Human resources – human resources), or eychar not only engaged in clerical and administration staff, but also develops and implements various training programs and seminars. In addition, he is responsible for improving employee motivation, staff turnover, formation of corporate culture, and also participates in strategic planning business. Thus, the modern HR-specialist goes into the category of managers. HR-specialist – a relatively new profession in Russia, which are among the most popular and promising. Depending on the Profile of work, HR-department employees can be divided into several groups.

In addition to specialists in search and recruitment, there are also experts in compensation and benefits, as well as specialists in corporate training and staff development. In smaller companies, all of these functions are usually combines one person, the so-called generalists. There are also separate companies engaged in search and recruitment. Their employees have extensive experience not only in this area, but a good knowledge of business as such. Level of experience and education, the main criterion for selection of hr professionals is that they have completed higher education. As Typically, employers prefer candidates with psychological education. Also, HR-employees are often out of the legal or educational field. Often eycharami become employees of the sphere administrative staff, for example, office managers and personal assistants of the director.

Interview Information

Ask yourself – what is primary and what secondary. The best approach to the poll – plan in order of importance in descending order. If the time limits for an interview will be exhausted – you are at least kryney will have the maximum possible information coverage, and if something is omitted – it is only minor, minor detail. Preparing for the interview, ask yourself whether you are ready to discuss all important aspects that characterize the applicant. Position (To talk and calm down a little bit of the applicant). relationships with other people (in the team, with friends). Education and professional training (as a determining factor).

Personal interests (whether they contribute to performance). family situation (whether the factors negatively affecting the performance rights). Reasons for a new job. Everything happens if good to analyze previously obtained information; note the questions that I would like to discuss in more detail; learn more about: currently held positions, relationship with other people, to graduate and postgraduate training, personal interests, on the family circumstances, the reasons for job search; a detailed plan to interview each applicant. Ability to ask questions and listen to answers when interviewing the employer must obtain the maximum information about the applicant.

You do not know about the man, if you talk too much. Value in the conversation should be 60:40 in favor of the applicant. To learn more about the applicant as possible, the employer must ask thoughtful questions in advance. Skill of formulating questions for interviews are conducted the interview, it is important to formulate a question. This will enable: get more information; check the professional knowledge of candidates; explore their views and opinions; monitor the situation. Asking the right questions, you can get information that was not provided earlier, and also verify the competence of the applicant for the vacant position. You can also learn more about the attitudes, lifestyles and the nature of the applicant. The interview should take place at the right for an employer to bed. However, asking questions of ill-conceived, it is impossible to achieve the desired result.