Major Airports

Due to its dimensions and its importance as a tourist destination, Brazil has a large number of airports. The nation’s largest cities: Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, have several airports to give service to their many millions of inhabitants, and in total, between national and international airports and smaller aerodromes for small planes and helicopters, has almost 700 air terminals, being surpassed in number globally only by the United States. -Airports of Sao Paolo. The Airport International Sao Paulo-Guarulhos, also known as Cumbica international airport, is located 22 km from the Centre of Sao Paulo, and is considered the largest airport not only Brazil, but across Latin America, with an annual traffic of 20,427,603 passengers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Facebook on most websites. This airport facilities operate in all international companies of first level, and a large number of national companies, so you can rent a car at the airport of Guarulhos if you are going to perform tourism in Sao Paolo. The Congonhas airport is the second airport in Sao Paulo, and is dedicated exclusively to domestic flights.

In 2011 it transported 16,753,591 passengers. Finally, the airports of San Jose dos Campos, 46 km from the Centre of Sao Paulo, and the International Airport Viracopos 85 km, also give coverage to the city, especially of Viracopos, which is the second largest cargo terminal in the country, but recorded much lower passenger traffic than the previous ones. -Airports in Rio de Janeiro the Galeao international airport, also known as Antonio Carlos Jobim international airport, is located 20 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro, and is its main airport, with an annual traffic of 14,943,617 passengers. While the Santos Dumont Airport is the second airport of Rio, and the same that in the case of Sao Paolo, is devoted exclusively to operate flights with departure and arrival in Brazil. -Brasilia the Airport International President Juscelino Kubitschek in Brasilia is possibly the airport more modern of Brazil, with an annual traffic exceeding 15 million passengers. Despite being the capital of Brazil, Brasilia record much fewer tourists than other cities in the country but as any capital, has great economic, social and cultural importance.

-Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte, called Tancredo Neves international airport is located 45 km from the city centre. Although it has a higher percentage of domestic flights, it also covers various international destinations in America and Europe, registering an annual traffic environment to the 7 million passengers. -Salvador de Bahia El Airport International of Salvador de Bahia, officially called airport international Deputy Luis Eduardo Magalhaes, is the most important airport of the northeastern part of the country, and one of the most important international flights to Europe and the US. It receives 7.5 million passengers annually. Many of them tourists who travel to this part of the country to enjoy its beautiful beaches and its own culture. If you want to make tourism in Salvador of Bay you can rent a car at the airport, where they operate the main national and international companies.