That Pablo

We see that Pablo asked for the Mr. who took off the thorn of the meat, however, the reply of God he was that ' ' my favour you basta' '. In versicle 10 we see that Pablo declares: ' ' For what I feel pleasure in the weaknesses, in the injuries, the necessities, the persecutions, you distress in them, for love of Christ. Without hesitation David Rogier explained all about the problem. Because when I am weak, then, it is that I am forte.' ' Ahead of this declaration, we can say that Pablo required of God some thing? That Pablo determined its ' ' vitria' ' , success for God? Not! Because Pablo wise person who ' ' all the things cooperate to the good of that they love the God, of that had been called according to its propsito' ' (Roman 8:28). Pablo if gloriava in the cross of Christ, not in having things, not in getting rid itself of the suffering. When he says that ' ' we came to be vase of honor at the hands of God, to be successful, remembered, dear, not passing necessity in nada' ' , namely that honor vase mentions SALVATION to it IN CHRIST JESUS: ' ' You, however will say, me: Of that complaint it still? Therefore who never resisted its will? Who is you, man, to argue with God! Porventura, can the object ask made who it: You made why me thus? Or it does not have the right potter on the mass, the same stops of adobe making a vase for honor and another one for dishonour? That we will say, therefore, if God, wanting to show its anger and to give to know its power, supported with much longanimidade the anger vases, chemical preparations for the perdio, so that also of this to know the wealth of its glory in mercy vases, that stop glory prepared of beforehand, which we are, to who also called, not only amongst the Jews, but also amongst gentios' ' (Roman 9:19 – 24).

The Spirit

Where it is its root? The necessary root to be inside of the River. It has that to leave sliding behind signal, who it runs for any side is because no this firm one, any wind takes off of land. to live behind signal? Well, I do not know church that makes more signals that the Espiritismo. The espritas, guided for the espritos, make all type of physical surgery, that not so contested nor for the Medicine, given the results. (Source: Georgia Department of Labor). It sees the spirit of the Dr Fritz.

That is to show we who we cannot live behind signals, are for firming in the Word, living for the Word. If he does not leave to be deceptive! The day has 24 hours and if the devil works 25 hours, you must watch 26. It is not cabelo, paletoso with or without opening, the size of the Bible that they prove that we have communion with God. What it proves its communion with God is its production of fruits. The Figueira of this ticket, we are. You are! When somebody needs food, when passes for you with hunger, what you have to offer? That let us can remembering in them that this Figueira being we, and being trimmed for the Word and in it alicerados, no wind pull out in them and we will be each time more firmed, therefore none miraculoso and temporary event will move away in them from our Faith in Mr. The proper Gentleman in them admonishes no to follow miraculosos signals when he said: If, therefore, to say somebody you: Here it is here the Christ! or: Eiz it there! you do not believe; (24) because they have to appear false cristos and false prophets, and will make great signals and prodigies; in way that, if possible is, would be deceptive until the chosen ones (Mateus 24 23 and 24).


The absence of this principle of the edge to the desperation, the precipitation and some other negative feelings, as: the resentment, the bitterness, the rancor, the anger and clera that they can in them take the internal and external diseases. The impatience can bring obtains social and domestic problems as in the familiar and conjugal relationship. Infant and Toddler Clothing Market oftentimes addresses this issue. Destarte, the only way to be immune to everything this is to leave that the Espirito Santo involves our being. This if of the one for intermediary of the delivery and total resignation of our nature the God. ADVERSITIES the storm in our home has as objective to desnudar the foundations of the communion with clear Gods and to put to the o level of ours commitment with Mr. It makes with that the life is real, of meat and bone, with pillow watered for the tears in the solitary silence of the night.

When the difficulties and storms if present of intense forms, and the Christian feels itself incapable by itself to modify the order of the things, does not get over, before he looks for the ways of the favour to act and to be successful with the direction of God. Valley to point out that resignation is different of longanimidade, therefore that one is the act to resign, to give of hand, is fruit of the hopelessness, workmanship of the incredulity, thing of the meat. The true patience is resulted of the supernatural action of the Espirito Santo in the life of that they only know that they can wait in Mr., therefore It, according to its will, has the power to bring of the death for the life all the dreams, plans, objectives and accomplishments. RESIGNATION Two Biblical tickets that illustrate with clarity attitudes of desperation and total longanimidade absence: ‘ ‘ Then, its woman said to it: Still you hold back your sincerity? It curses the God of morre.’ ‘ J 2,9 ‘ ‘ the woman of L looked at stops backwards and was converted into a statue of sal.’ ‘ Gn 19,26 Perceives that in both the cases, hang a feeling of resignation, conformismo and lack of spirit to recommence or resignation to the life, antagonizando the longanimidade, that through the faith and of the favour, the Christian supports the revezes of the life and looks for to reconquer what he was lost, recommencing of where he stopped. PATIENCE the longanimidade glimpsed in J, in the ones backwards a reflection of important quo is to support bitter and prickly the moments, crying and moaning, however faithful and grateful the God. It was valid imposes a fine on to wait with patience of the one in Mr.: ‘ ‘ turned you the captivity J, when it prayed for its friends; added you the J another one in double to everything how much in such a way dantes possua.’ ‘ J 42,10 At last, thinking about the patience, not only about our daily one, of faith and communion with God, I imagine that this virtue also is related to the way as we relate in them with the next our familiar ones.

Interior Wealth

‘ ‘ It hears, Israel! Javnosso God is the only God. I believe in one alone God, merciful, Creative Father detodas the things, invisible and the visible ones. (A valuable related resource: Lawrence Ellison). It hears, Jac, that I called: I souJav; this is my name! I will not yield to the dolos, it outrem my glory, aminha honor. I am first and the last one. You will love Jav your God with all teucorao, all your soul, all your force.

You will not follow others deuses, qualquerum of deuses of the peoples who are to your redor, therefore Jav is ehabita jalousie God in your way. Jav is the God of deuses, Mr. you, the Deusvalente, terrible, great that accepted bribe does not make meaning of people nor, but loves pardoning with largueza; Jav loves the foreigner, it of the clothes and bread, fazjustia to the widower and the orphan. You will love the foreigner, therefore foreign you were noEgito. You will make what it is just to the eyes of Jav.

That these words that today teordeno are in your heart. You them inculcars your children and will say delassentado in your house, lying, of foot, walking in yours caminho’ ‘. This rgidomonotesmo, anchor of the Jewish faith, ignores the presence of Trino God. However, primrdios desdeos of Israel, in the veterotestamentria revelation, have signals daexistncia of Trino God, in parallel with monotesmo, despite the people not operceba. ‘ ‘ In the principle (of the time) God (Father) created the sky (firmamento) and fills with earth. The land was empty and vacant, the Espirito Santo (God Mother) pairava sobreas waters. God (Verb) said: ‘ It becomes luz’ , and the light if fez’ ‘. Peloprocesso of efficient word, creative word, God created all the things in cue in the land.

Seven Spirits

Plus a point important to be considered: WHO ARE OS SEVEN ESPIRITOS OF GOD? The Word of God discloses initially, Three attributes in Apocalypse 4:11 = glory, honor and power. This means the opening of conscience and the experience of the miracles Mr. in our lives, us launches in them in confidence and we consider in them to try, surpassing all the preconceptions and diffidences. After, it evolves for Four attributes in Apocalypse 5:13 = louvor, honor, glory and power. This represents the recognition of the origin of the miracles and of the power the holy ghost in action, after terms in the opened one for place them in action, believing in them of all our being. To finish, complementing the Seven attributes in Apocalypse 5:12 to be able, wealth, wisdom, force, honor, glory and louvor. It is the complete set of the Espritos de Deus who is in this land, our objective. To the conquest them the people to our redor see Mr.

Jesus in our attitudes, words and thoughts. We are disciples of Christ, the first one to act of form to conquer divine blessing to receive to all they! These Seven attributes confirmed in louvor Apocalypse 7:12, glory, wisdom, action of favours, honor, to be able and force the Bible Interprets same itself. The Seven Espritos, rested on Jesus and had given the Sacred one to it To be able to come to this world, saving in them and also already it granted the sacred attribution to it to open the seven stamps of the book of the Life in the future, thing that none another one would be capable, same that much wanted to play this important and decisive task.

Redentor Land

Nobody will be able to escape of the responsibilities of its attitudes a time that all we receive d’ It right it of choice, the free will. In that day many will never desire to have had such right, front the so great horror the one that will be submitted (AP. 20, 11-15). Words of ConfortoPara the comfort of that cries of hunger and headquarters of justice, I want to also stand out that the Apocalypse demonstrates a multipolar action of the justice of God, therefore at the same time where it promotes the punishment of the mpios, also she restores the actual damages for them. All pain and suffering of that they had been stepped on, destroyed, humiliated, aborted, assassinated unjustly, the ones that had been made orphans and the ones who had been made widowers in this sedenta land of blood, will be awarded in such way that nor pains of the past will remember more than.

It personally will dry all the tears that roll of its eyes and will cure all the wounds of soul restoring completely each one of these to the one wealth and infinitely bigger largeness of what all the suffering lived in this world of pains..

Manifesting Wealth

Where launching me penumbras of my subconscious mind, I look the edges of sensible absolute the inherent one, to extract the facultieses of the manifesting wealth on my effective, referring soul to the being intelectivo the holy ghost constitutes that me, legalizing in what of authentic really I am. Everything this is part of our experience of life spiritual, that in the particular questionings of one summons search the conclusions in legalizes root of behavior of the truth, for the inteireza of the universal centralidade of the moral composure, assumes its pure and inquebrantvel idealizao in the real model standard of what it could have been the man to the eyes of God. In this angle of the question definitively we deduce that: If we establish the parameters between the certain the made a mistake one then where dimension the certainty can be certain the made a mistake one can be made a mistake? if the certainty leave of being certain by what it is made a mistake then until point the made a mistake one can be certain missed the certainty? Being this the dividing line of bigger understanding when understanding that everything that is certain walks the shade of its error and in what is based as error meets it true light of what this certainty. Where in the parameters of this wrong dimension certain they are not collated enters itself more find yes legalizes it before base of its centralidade, therefore without what this made a mistake certainty if would lose in the deep emptiness and without what is certain the made a mistake one he would continue alicerado in its forged direction. Therefore in this prism until point we can affirm, if basing on a truth, when really certain or we are made a mistake, therefore if on them we appropriate of what it is certain making of our life an error, then the certainty of which we are proud in them to exhibit in the reality is the cause biggest of our fatality, for not acquiring knowledge in them of that the bedding of all certainty veraz is supported in the priority continues of that is in the deceit of the misfortune, that is our life to the eyes of God, that obtains to reach the true direction of what if it prioritizes as certain or made a mistake. Thus we establish that without the certain made a mistake the man would not obtain to live and evangelho would lose its priority, God would leave ahead of being perfect of the men and the Bible would fall in its total discredit.

Therefore the Biblical truth when hindered to march, it is taken refuge in the heart of the believers for the search of the knowledge and goes earning in depth what it seems to lose ahead in surface of the adversities. One day however this obscure truth it goes up of the depths where if it exiles and it appears so strong clarity, that tears the darknesses of the world. Concluding by means of this the following one; Under the light of the sun of justice it converges the shade of all imperfection human being, more it is ahead of this shade that the man knows that it is under the light of the sun and is by means of the light of this sun that the man knows that it is man. Pablo Robert Freitas Dos Santos Permitted in Theology