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Who wants to become an author, needs so only our guide in the future, to get a first, but already full overview. Then detail questions of clarification, waiting the answers you can get much better. This will save all parties enormous amounts of time, money and bad experiences.” Ordering information: Success as an author in 10 steps to the goal! ISBN 978-3-943262-11-7 Gudrun Anders To order in any Bookstore, and Franz Kramer V.i.S.d.P and your contact person: Franz Kramer high str. 16, 44139 Dortmund, Germany, Tel.: (02 31) 22 24 44 20 E-Mail: Web: Gudrun Anders born in 1961. Cat lover. Trained clerk, trained to the specialist.

Alternative medical practitioner for psychotherapy, various training in alternative therapies. Author and publisher of many years. Seminar leader since 1990. Today is working full-time as a coach and marketing consultant why their company is called “Spirit & marketing”. blog for authors: Facebook: XING: Twitter: #! / every day otherwise the Dortmund-Verlag has practical guides books highly regarded acquired.

The program focus is the Advisor for personal life, career and business success. The Dortmund Publisher prefers authors who can bring a high level of experience as a seasoned practitioner in her literary work. Franz Kramer is a publisher of guides and wellness literature. It Advisor are increasing as E-books published. “New in 2012: the mystery series storyline, the exciting stories on economic crime” published.