Siberian Services

The uniqueness of the whole situation is that now, and pass a road somewhere or just no one. Against this background, hit the scales tricks or nonsense leadership of the city, when from the lips of the mayor and chief of staff periodically distributed to the promise of an early transfer of the roads in the Federal Road Service. At the present time, when a year or two will begin construction of a bypass road around the city and highway M-53 will run from the bridge across the White toward the bridge across the river Kitoy a few kilometers from Usolye, none of the Feds even sensible to consider the admission of urban roads will not. Official site: Lawrence Ellison. Especially since it's hard to imagine how all you can transfer some municipal infrastructure in someone else's property. The road, especially the pamphlets and Leninsky Komsomol, has not only asphalt, laid next to the vital communications of heating, water lines, sewers, street lights, etc. etc. Only a seriously sick person can offer to give them to someone, though outwardly city leaders do not create the impression of mentally retarded citizens.

Besides, the on its own roadway serves mostly residents Usolye, connecting Privokzalny area with the center and the old buildings along the Angara River. Only in this way you can get to work, education grant, to all medical institutions and administrative services. Transit transport, despite discomfort, delivered by local people along the way and carries positive elements in the economy of the municipality. Along the entire track objects of small business, trade and various services have stable income, about 600 usolchan there busy, but it is comparable in size to such enterprises as the Siberian silicone or Usolmash.

Piston Oils

Most all-season oils are produced by a low-viscosity thickening the basis makropolimernymi additives. On the composition of base oils engine oils are divided into synthetic (prepared by chemical means), mineral (obtained by distillation of crude oil) and partly synthetic (a mixture of mineral and synthetic components). Motor oil in the engine performs multiple functions: reduces wear, friction between engine parts and protects them from corrosion, cleans, maintains a product of incomplete combustion of fuel and wear and tear, seals the clearance between the piston, its rings and cylinder, etc. Unlike synthetic oil from a mineral? The difference lies mainly in the molecular structure of the base (base) oil. In the production of synthetic oils 'built' (synthesized) molecules with predetermined, optimum performance characteristics, synthetic oils, in contrast to the mineral have a maximum thermal and chemical stability. Chemical stability means that the work of synthetic oils in the engine with them there any chemical reactions (oxidation, parafinizatsii, etc.) that would impair its performance. Thermal stability means maintaining the optimal value of oil viscosity in a wide temperature range, which means easy and safe engine start in the cold, while the maximum engine protection in its most high-zones when working at high speeds and loads. Thanks peculiarities of its molecular structure, synthetic oils have higher yield and penetrating ability. In its basic qualities of mineral oil, synthetic yields, however, it is thus much cheaper. General requirements for motor oil motor oil can be long and reliably perform their functions, providing a specified life of the engine, only strict compliance of its properties to thermal, mechanical and chemical effects that oil is a lubricating system of engine and on surfaces lubricated and cooled parts.

Caring For The Car

If you do not want your salon has lost its original form, you must observe certain rules for the care of him. Before starting to clean interior with different chemicals, you must first vacuumed the whole interior, including dashboard and headliner. Dust in hard to reach places scrub with a brush, cloth or toothbrush. Fabric upholstery here plays a major role following rule: the more often you vacuum, the better looks like your salon. The fact that tissue padding absorbs dust, thus it is not only dirty, but also pollutes the air in your car. All the spots in the salon should be clean up immediately, until they velis into the fabric. For better use of cleaning agents containing silicones, they clog the fibers do not absorb dirt giving after treatment.

Considered the most effective means of forming the foam, as they push dirt and require prolonged dry interior. Leather interior On the one hand it seems that everything is easier, but actually it is not. Skin care requires careful because it is very sensitive to sunlight, ultraviolet rays, the change of temperature and moisture. In the summer of leather upholstery is desirable to process at least once a month, and in winter every 2-4 months. Before processing, should be well cleaned surface, and it is better to do with special cleaners.

After the need to give the cabin to dry out and have to put money on skin care. The same should be taken into account that the skin may be coated, check it out with clean water can be dripped onto the surface if the water going to the ball, runs down and soaks into the skin – hence, the skin is treated with a protective layer and in this case, you should use means for vinyl coating. Vinyl upholstery If your car vinyl upholstery, we can say that the care of it seems easy at first glance. The fact that vinyl collects dirt increasingly other coatings, as well, and actively burn his color detail, and the use of a simple soap and water, it gets dim. Therefore, to care for it is desirable to use special tools for vinyl that protects and gives extra shine. The instrument panel dashboard of your car covered in dust and fade in the sun. Processing panel also consists of two stages: first we clean it from dust, and then process the special polish. To clear the better use of special funds, as they removed the old protective layer for application of a new, and to polish those that contain less alcohol as alcohol removes the top layer of plastic and the panel quickly burn out. To clean the floor covering flooring better tool to help make foam, She pushes all the dirt on the surface. Often in the winter pile coating remain blind spots due to snow, you can easily remove them by 9% solution of vinegar in a ratio of 1 / 5 with water. The solution was rubbed into the stain with a brush, but cleared damp sponge. In conclusion, I would say that, despite the fact that there are a lot of unique tools for cleaning the interior, some funds are usually the most effective.


Come a time when, and you decide to order there would not pass a driver's license and become car owners. As you know, to achieve the desired need to make a few steps toward the goal. To avoid errors when this is turn to the experience and seasoned learn from the mistakes of others. Choose the appropriate time should be noted that to take a driving test in the winter when the weather is bad for someone to be more complicated than sit in the summer in good weather. Although avtoinstruktora one voice asserting that in the winter season to take the practice is much easier because of the weather conditions are allowed to move along the road slowly, and thus admit fewer errors, because the will more time to think about before the turn. Snow and ice covers the markings on the road, but because evolution and movement of bands easier. Depending on how long you expect to spend on education, on average about 3-6 months worth and stored in a driving school. If you believe that the surrender in the summer you will be easier to start training in a driving school in late winter or spring.

Choosing the right driving school choose a suitable driving school in today's abundance, should not make a big deal for you. Choose a driving school just for reviews is not necessary. Evaluate parameters such as: convenience of location, time, training, suitable for you (it should be noted that the efficiency of absorption material in the evening greatly reduced) price theory and driving lessons, to lease school and resit tests, instructors themselves and fleet, as well as reviews of graduates driving schools. Selection avtoinstruktora success on the practical exam is dependent not only from you personally, but from your teacher. Same thing goes for the duration of training. In any case, if you feel that the teacher does not suit you, because in one fell swoop to find a suitable instructor specifically for you will be very difficult, do not be afraid to try to engage with other teachers and to change instructors. Not money if you are dissatisfied with teaching as several unsuccessful lessons can you completely discourage continued. Choosing a good online resource of choosing online resource where run virtual tests similar to the exam in the traffic police should not stop your choice on the ground has got a site that you find in the search engines – driving-school teachers have expressed their distrust of some virtual sda resources because they may contain errors, which at the critical moment you can play a cruel joke. See you on the road!

Auto BMW

But for this money must be paid so that even a small clutch slip under load such pads will lose their properties, charred from the friction. You will find that under load will "pop up" the transfer – and then simply will not be able to control the process, and at this stage "box" is simply necessary to "treat". Worse: fine particles of wear on disks often enter the hydraulic system "machine", clog the channels in the control system, wedge valve. And, suddenly, it goes replace the clutch, but a major repair Auto bmw. Moreover, the diagnosis of contact wear products in the hydraulics of many official dealers refuse to fix such "boxes", insisting on the replacement assembly. In addition to problems with the clutch plates are often raises another, similar situation to wear caps locking torque converter clutch.

Likewise, wear products are in the hydraulic system (and its control unit is made of aluminum), wedge valves, lift up the working surface of the valve, and resulting need repair Auto bmw. What will this repair – it depends on what exactly the problem. If the control unit suffered a hydraulic system, it needs to be changed. In the event that struck the spools, it's not so scary: they are replaced and the box was washed thoroughly. It should be noted that mechanical breakdowns Auto BMW's extremely rare, since the planetary gear and the torque converter boxes that have a large stock of strength. So that a mechanical problem diagnosis "automatic" bmw reveals extremely rare. Problem might be except that a number of planetary overdrive transmission – in the case where a driver over "reckless driver" on turns and high speeds. From the foregoing it is clear that the automatic transmission bmw are among the most reliable "machine".

Provided that the driver will faithfully comply with all recommendations of the manufacturer's manual machine and will not ignore the prescribed dates of service, you can spend on a trip without a single complication of thousands of 200 – 300 kilometers. Yes, and then repair "machine" will need to level, as already mentioned, the replacement clutch linings and preventive cleaning the hydraulic system, and then you expect the same trouble-free operation of automatic transmission for an additional 200 – 300 miles. And keep track of the symptoms of wear on clutch and adhesion (for a timely appeal to the service) is simple. If you've noticed that some of the transmission start slipping, or that the fuel consumption of cars increased, – a sure sign that we must hurry "treat" box. If you take these common problems at the initial stage, the repair will cost you a cheap, but if you run, it will seriously damage your finances. However, replacement of the box in the collection will cost you even more. So do not tighten, seeing the first disturbing signs.

Domestic Auto Industry Hit

The economic crisis seriously hit by a car buyers because of the automotive industry. Anything that contains the root of "car", is going through difficult times. Domestic factory Mercedes and Shkoda reduced production back in early July – the first to early September, the second team was sent to a four-week vacation from July 23. On 3/8/2009 stopped working conveyors 'AvtoVAZ', he starts from September single-shift operation. Joint of GM-AvtoVAZ in the last summer month has no plans to do niva, kamaz and stops in the last month of summer production due to declining demand for kamaz trucks.

The current month has become the most "silent" for automobile rf. Company Avtoframos, collecting cars Renault, plans to idle 19 days – from 3 to 23, on vacation from St. Petersburg rose Convair Nissan, the exact duration of the stop is not clear, nearly 2 weeks of production will rise Russian plant of Opel. No demand – no offer is obvious in the case when the goods are not in demand, to make it "the warehouse" is not the slightest reason to. aeb Automobile Manufacturers Committee of our country Unveiled The following figures – sales decline in June 2009 was 57% compared with the same months of 2008, and in some data warehouses AvtoVAZ is stuck 81-90 thousands of unsold cars. Production of all types of cars in Russia is reduced.

Issue passenger cars decreased by 60% compared with last year, trucks – by 72,5%, buses – by 63,5% when compared with the period last year. Only plant Gaz returned to full work week, but he was from the beginning of 2009 worked on a schedule, only three days a week and from 2 weeks vacation plans to staff the factory Volkswagen, and uaz in late July, five started in a mode 40-hour working week after a 10 day vacation. Forecasts of recovery does not promise If in the previous year car market in our country has been the fastest-growing, the sales volume this year, we barely went out in fifth place. Unlike Italy, which tries to snatch a place in Russia, as there is fixation of the growth of automobile market. Other PwC experts generally suggest that the reduction in rf production in this spectrum may well collapse to 60%, totaling 1,100,000 units. On the rise – Italy, she has divided development experience measures to stimulate demand with its neighbors in the European Union. State aid leads to an increase in car sales in Germany, Spain, Britain, France and Italy. In the meantime, production of cars in Russia decreases rapidly, and the prediction significant growth in the market before the end of this year can be safely attributed to the inconceivable. Clear answer to this question is difficult. Professionals believe that to resume production until last year's level can be positive when economic "layout" is not before the fall of 2009. And even then only if financial institutions would reduce demand for loans or expand the number of models of cars that fall under a program to issue car loans. Now subsidy program, which runs from April, does not give encouraging results. Despite the fact that in July the cost of falling under her car has increased from three hundred and fifty to 600 thousand rubles, and the money given up to 3 years.

Tuning And Airbrushing

Technology to paint a car patented in 1878 by American jeweler Abner Peeler. It was he who invented the first spray paint and painted by him. Then, the rights to this invention has bought the firm Liberty Walkup, which in and adopt "a promotion for" a new way of painting and selling the first models of sprayers. The technology was called "airbrushing". Technique paint it possible to obtain a clear and thin, and blurred contours and lines, making the drawings made by airbrush, the views were very close to the quality of these pictures at that time.

But the real airbrush got its spread only in the early twentieth century. Airbrush became very useful tool for many artists. With an airbrush painted posters and billboards. The first option of applying the paint on the car began to number the back of a racing car. Then began to put more and logos sponsors. In the 40 years of XX century, this kind of tuning began to develop as an art among motorists.

Road Traffic Police Inspectors

On the roads began to appear more vehicles equipped with portable DVRs. Let us close to the subject of automobile recorders. It happens that the solution of road traffic police inspector is not necessarily true and correct. It is difficult for all to follow. But thanks to the video on your recorder in the car – you can always see clearly all the situation happening on the road.

If you're being 'clipped' overtaking in violation of the rules, and prove their case it is very difficult. And the culprit accident also points to you that you have violated this rule? But if you have a record of all events prior to crash – all disputes quickly disappear. How often are you on the roads have to meet a very "gifted" drivers? From which we can expect that all anything? For example you eat behind the car on the road ahead of the next car makes a sharp turn without filing warning turning signal. Well, if you had time to brake. Even more dangerous when you follow on multilane highway and yes even densely saturated with cars come across drivers who do not expect to apply the established warning signs (including pre-turn signal). In an investigation of the road accident is difficult to prove that the driver just jumped out with another band, not just rebuilt. But with a record from the dvr you will have a clear fact what is happening on the road.

Disputes between two or more drivers involved in the incident. Recording from the dvr installed in the car, here is how you can not – by the way! Especially given the recent increase in automobile scams adjust to road accidents and traffic police officers will be confident in your words, seeing the videotape recorder.

American Trucks

Overseas nowadays prefer. For instance Freightliner – not as expensive as a Kenworth but more popular than the International. In Russia, the U.S. second-hand trucks are traded mainly in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in Primorye. With the U.S.

auto parts No major problems have good company there are always new and used parts. Prices are lower than the average European tractor, but higher than in the maz and kamaz. St. Petersburg's company Trans Chem Union works with the 'Americans' from the mid-90's. For this time there was no case that had to do a major engine repair. Replacement of gaskets, head gasket, belts, pump-injector and bronze bushings, corroded 'left' anti-freeze – it happens. Crankshaft no matter how strange no one did not change, despite the considerable mileage.

Sometimes on motors with a huge run changed the piston rings, but all piston assembly fits extremely rare, and it was mostly due to the torn Air Filter or an open valve. Electrical equipment on the American tradition of 12-volt. With that, the generator power – 2, 5 kW, and four batteries are connected in pairs in parallel – one pair is only the starter, and other – on other consumers. Benefit is obvious – you can put batteries hopelessly, for example, stand-alone stove, lights, microwave, and other comforts, such as during an overnight stay, then no problem start the engine. When buying an American truck or parts buyer chooses not only the brand and model of diesel, but, according to the preferences and conditions for future work, ordered transmission, choosing among brands.