That is to say, giving to the space and the importance frequently, with respect to one same one. If our life becomes calm, positive, embracing values and putting them in practice, looking for to make the good to where you go and with who you are, then it will be the beginning of a full life of peace and love. Our thoughts are very powerful, and the way how we think influences mainly our being directly. Then I consider that we must to be changing some habits of life to find the best ones, and everything depends on one same one. Learn more at: David Rogier. It never is behind schedule, it is always possible to realise those necessary changes if we really want not only to live more but and mainly to live better. A calmed but nonpassive life, a full life of energy positive and surrounded by peace and love, is what we must, each of us, to look for without rest, moving to ours ” papelera” those ideas and attitudes ” obsoletas” in order to give to passage to new forms of life that us ” actualicen” and the personal interest to realise periodically ” yet; mantenimiento” for the purposes of which they do not enter our life ” virus” that they choke our life expectancies. It is necessary to put ” system of seguridad” like sentinela that watches and controls the possible external attacks, and to assume immediately, of being necessary, an effective and positive defense. If we took into account many positive factors in our lives, like sleeping necessary and the sufficient thing, feeding to us correctly with healthful products, to listen to good music, to relax daily in the calm of the soul, to be with one same one by the nights, to leave to dance from time to time, to sing with joy, to read a good book, etc., etc. I believe that we will do much by we ourself. After all SLOWLY IS ARRIVED FAR.

Unique Official Store

The chain leader in stationery store product Spain, before the damage that is undergoing Alicia Fernandez, its present and unique franchise-holder in Getafe (Madrid), shows publicly that the store of this partner, located in the street Toledo n 6, is the unique one who legally belongs to their network and therefore it must right to take such name. Manifest saying takes place by the presumably fraudulent use that an old franchise-holder? and to that one lay down to him of the standard to owe more than 20,000 Euros? it is doing of the name of Carlin. This person continues working a business that announces and runs like pertaining to our network. Something totally uncertain, stresses Jose Luis Hernandez, Chief of a main directorate of Carlin. This practice carries out in spite of several Bureaufax and Notaries to it who we have sent to him. Before its refusal we are going to undertake a formal judicial demand, adds.

In addition, Carlin emphasizes that this lack of ethics not only harms to its store of the street Toledo n 6, if no that also it confuses to the public of on foot. Unique and the true one Thus the things, to indicate that the store 100% Carlin is in the street Toledo n 6 of the Madrilenian locality of Getafe and has a space abierto to the 70 public of m2. In addition, it emphasizes because its franchise-holder has chosen to start up in the same store two of the business forms that offer CARLiN, the hyperstationery store (supermarket of stationery store destined to urban nuclei) and ofimarket (sale to companies). I have decided to bet by two different formulas because he is something that gives a greater amplitude of business, an added value facing the clients and a form me of differentiation of my business. To this it is necessary to add to him that we are in a zone with several schools, companies and, by all means, the university that demand a great amount of material of continuous form. My idea is to cover all the possibilities with sale that can be demanded comments Alicia Fernandez. Note to the journalists: For more information, request of interviews or material graph you do not doubt in contacting to us Mirian Lopez Crowned Nuria Tfno: 91 657 42 81