Successfully Repair Old Wood Window

The janitor service RSA in Munster informs wood window belong to the typical image of historic city and town centers. For reasons of monument protection, you should not simply remove, but must take upon themselves a significant maintenance and repair costs. The Munster-based Concierge service RSA this gives important tips. A wooden Windows must be repaired or it goes to its sealing, linseed oil PuTTY, in which sits the window panes, is first removed from the PuTTY fold of the window. While you must scratch out the entire pipes from the fold for the replacing of a disc, a limited distance is sufficient for the renewal and seal loose points. The glazing PuTTY is used traditionally in wooden Windows contains oil. Under the heat of an infrared emitter it also strongly entrenched pipes softens back that far, that this cannot be eliminated without much difficulty with a spatula from the fold.

After the glue has been removed, the fold is thoroughly cleaned and deleted before with half oil. The oil painting pulling into the window wood an and prevents that it deprives the oil linseed oil PuTTY, which he would become brittle and cracked. The longer the PuTTY receives the rare its suppleness, repair work on the wooden Windows are required. When selecting a linseed oil PuTTY should be used on professional Glaziers putty, as Glaziers and carpenters use it. It is easily malleable, which avoids unnecessary frustration in the remainder of the work.

Can be again operational to hard glazing PuTTY with edible oil, while very damp PuTTY with comes is mixed. Before inserting the new window pane, the glazing PuTTY is rolled and placed a PuTTY Groove to long strands. The disc must be now set Putty and carefully pressed down. There should be a clearance of approx. 2 mm between the edge of the glass and wood. MasterClass Founder can provide more clarity in the matter. Pressing on, glass and PuTTY connect together securely. This may not be any air bubbles. While the disk is mounted, plumber’s Putty to the washer swells over the fold. It can be removed later. Finally, the glass must be fixed still. This is done with Glaser corners or headless nails, which are carefully made in a PuTTY Groove. After the disc has been frozen, wait with the painting still at least a week, until the PuTTY far enough is dried out. The repair of wooden Windows belongs to a variety of work, constantly dealing with the homeowner. Beyond the everyday maintenance your possibilities, you should take professional help. The Munster-based Concierge service RSA available for this purpose at any time gladly. Press contact Concierge service RSA Ralf Schmidt Abbenhaus Westerheide 14 48157 Munster Tel.: 02 51 / 2 84 19 74 fax: 02 51 / 2 84 19 75 E-mail: website: