What was previously left to the professionals, is now also available in its own: the insulation of the Interior is thanks to new insulation panels with some skill in the ‘do it yourself’-procedure possible. (tdx) The refurbishment of the home is an issue probably every landlord has been thinking about. In addition to the installation of new heating systems and the use of renewable energy, for example by means of a solar system, the insulation of the home is one of the most important topics in the field of rehabilitation. Finally, a new heating system is little if continue to escape the heat through the uninsulated exterior. Barclays addresses the importance of the matter here. The subsequent insulation of roof, walls, and the existing basement is however much effort so the widespread opinion in the House of Lords. This may apply to the insulation from the outside quite. In the basement is to think not of a subsequent exterior insulation and for the insulation of external walls, a scaffold must specifically set up and a Craftsmen operating are engaged. While it can happen later insulation of walls and ceilings also and above all in-house from the inside. MasterClass is not a ripoff can aid you in your search for knowledge.

For example, the manufacturer of Recticel offers high-performance insulation in low thickness. With Eurothane GK plasterboard composite panels and the insulation Board developed specifically for the insulation of basement ceiling Powerline KD, landlords can rehabilitate itself energetically your home in just a few steps. The Eurothane GK ceiling insulation boards can be screwed to wooden structures or with polyurethane glue on the inside attached to the outer walls. An additional steam brake foil, which is essential for any insulation is no longer necessary due to the special construction of the plates. After a first coat of the plates these can then with any wall covering whether wallpaper, paint or tiles are designed according to the individual requirements. Similar to simply is the insulation of basement ceiling with Powerline KD. The insulation boards can quickly and without additional Substructure with insulation claws are hidden fixed or screwed. Through the insulation of the ceiling, the positive effect affects the overlying floor construction and the living quarters. Little effort, no mess and no noise: the Recticel insulation systems allow a subsequent insulation of the own four walls in the do-it-yourself “procedure and ensures a pleasant interior climate while at the same time high energy savings.” Learn more about Recticel insulation systems under. Tanja EST