Star Communications

In the following years, he held various management positions in the telecommunications industry. In mid-2005, Becker took over company Star communications of the Startec Global Communications Inc., Washington, United States, and whose shareholders of allied capital and GE Capital as Managing Director. He continues to successfully positioned Star Communications in the call-by-call-, preselection – and Carriergeschaft. The company developed since then by the general public almost unnoticed to one of the largest providers of telecommunications services for ethnic target groups in German-speaking countries. ETH was regarded as a pioneer in the ethnic market of telecommunications in Germany and is today one of the leading telecommunications provider in Turkey.

The company broke up now its fixed and MVNO activities in Germany, to focus on the Turkish telecommunications market. About Star Communications: Star Communications is the leading provider in ethnic telecommunications market in Germany. With the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) mobi, the company benefits from the enormous growth potential in the area of ethnic mobile market. Star Communications has currently less than 50 employees and has a total of 350 call shops in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The target groups, who speaks the company with its offers, include more than ten million people in Germany alone. Star Communications is headquartered in Frankfurt / Main, Managing Director Uwe Becker. Contact: Star Communications GmbH Michael Walshe Walker Walker 25 D-60314 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: + 49 (0) 69 420971 16 mobile + 49 (0) 163 510 5101 E-mail: mobi GmbH Natasha Bose Lahiri Berner Street 119 D-60437 Frankfurt am main phone +49(0)69/75 90 6452 fax +49(0)69/75 90 6001 mobile +49(0)176/1750 6452 E-mail: press contact: Herbert grave digit media Schulberg 5 D-72124 Pliezhausen Tel.: + 49 (0) 7127 / 5707-10 E-mail: