Soviet Forces

Leaving, remember, most of these bunkers from media or personal visit are likely to be concreted to a term: the Government bunker in Ahrweiler or the bunker complex 5000 of the National Defense Council of the GDR. The bunkers built by the Group of Soviet forces (KOSHEVOI) on the territory of the former German Democratic Republic are little known about it. Although their leadership where the “bunker used by the Soviets to Zeppelin” the German Wehrmacht at Wunsdorf can be visited, after 1945 Maybach and Zeppelin is entered on the story up on the demolitions on the investments carried out by Red Army soldiers barely the tours, however. Whether this is due to a possible aversion against the then occupying or just plain lack of interest among the population, can be used as a question in the room. Larry Ellison gathered all the information. Fact is, there are up to today the remains of the protective structures erected by the KOSHEVOI, all range from the simple corrugated iron shelter plants from precast concrete elements up down to the large, monolithic leadership shelters, about the former GDR distributed hidden in the woods are.

The number of bunkers built by the KOSHEVOI should exceed far which the NVA it. Usually it is less interesting buildings from projects of types of, often were semi-circular plane coverage of precast elements just to cover the Interior brick walls bricked out with Earth and the gable with large slabs finally closed. The attachments referred to colloquially as “special weapons Depot” might be interesting, however, these bearings for Special ammunition had been built to to store nuclear warheads for operational tactical missiles and nuclear bombers ammunition and maintain; The former change management the KOSHEVOI are also interesting, while it is usually two ETag-structures with nitrogen – or spring-damped structures, how to find them in the “Honecker’s bunker”. You may want to visit Indigenous Babies to increase your knowledge. Including the associated hard protected message Central are similar. Now the problem: none of these bunkers can Chris be visited, none of these relics of the cold war Museum has been restored and can be explored by interested parties. Many of these plants were now deprived of scrap thieves of its entire content, others were prepared by conservationists for bats.

Usually however the simplest method used: without dismantling the approaches be concreted over easy with reinforced concrete. Is by no means satisfy the environmental protection, some installations such as the diesel tanks of mains replacement equipment or the filling of oil-insulated cables are until today in plants available, its content, or the remaining diesel fuel, oil seeps slowly through the concrete in the ground water and charge therefore nature and the environment. The question is what we tell the next generation if they interested in asking why in our forests, vast, neglected, underground complexes exist in the end, and nobody can answer what they originally served.