South German Internet Agency

CMS provider cooperates with app Agency in Baden-Wurttemberg, the manufacturer of the same name Simploo CMS strengthens its range of services and works now with the app Agency in Baden-Wurttemberg. Together, the two IT companies in addition to the in-house content management system-related services offered now also developing mobile apps for iPhone/Android, as well as social-arketing and development for Facebook/Twitter. The app is a product division of AREA-NET GmbH in Donzdorf in the District of Goppingen. The South German Internet Agency offers to new offerings around the subject of social and mobile “. Currently, the company developed a mobile exhibition guide for a Nuremberg trade fair based on Android and iPhone. The services range from the development and design of Web-based, hybrid, up to native apps for the two mobile platform iOS and Android. Even expensive games development in 2D and 3D using OpenGL are available in the portfolio of the app Agency.

Thus the Simploo GmbH is expanding its product range and Services to the new, future-oriented topics. “Especially in the area of social marketing, Managing Director Schmid sees important synergies for the development of the Simploo CMS: we are currently working together with the app agency plug-ins, with the content on Facebook fan pages directly via the Simploo CMS can be maintained.” But also with the integration of the social plugins from Facebook, Twitter and co. sees the Simploo GmbH is well prepared for the future of social networks. Especially companies can benefit from the direct Facebook integration in the Simploo CMS, eliminating but a double and complex care of the company’s Facebook fan page. But also in the mobile space, the app agency should new opportunities for, bring on the Simploo CMS based websites. Simploo GmbH app Agency in Baden-Wurttemberg