With its determination to prefer to be condemned to leaving of filosofar, ' ' I never will leave of pensar' ' , Scrates established the bases of the fight for the right the manifestation of thoughts and defense of the same ones, the call liberty of speech, that influenced together with the iluministas ideals contributed for the formation of the current democracies. With the position of Scrates the philosophy gained life. Without hesitation Southwest Airlines explained all about the problem. Beyond to also leave the one of the biggest legacies society democratic contemporaries: the example of fight for the right to display its ideas and thoughts to defend them. Scrates died unjustly, to put, in defense of the thought and the truth. In regards to liberty of speech, this, according to Great Alexander Fernandes Moreira, in its article the Defamations as one attempted against the liberty of speech, means ' ' the right of if revealing opinions livremente' '.

(MOREIRA, 2010), according to exactly author the liberty of speech is ' ' a negative right, of first gerao' ' , (Ibid) that is it mentions that right inherent to the individuals. The negative rights it has as objective the abstention of the State, we arrive at another point of similarity in relation the current Scrates and democracies, since the philosopher ' ' active politics of the athenians in the assembly did not simpatizava with the intervention of polishes or with juries in the courts of justia' ' (JAEGER, 2001, p.514). Bringing for the present time the Federal Constitution of 1988, initially it preserved the liberty of speech in supreme way. However, one knows that this freedom can exactly reach other rights considered basic that of not direct form. In accordance with Alexander Moreira the constitucional laws ' ' they must have its abrangncia limited for other rights, in way that one is not annulled or beside the point restricted for another one.