Social Literature

Mesmoque this moves away in them from a scientific vision, is difficult to put delado the individual problems and social that give ballasts to the workmanships eas moor to the world where vivemos.’ ‘ As the citizens had agreed, really, literature possesss influence in the life of the people, tantodireta how much indirectly, considering to the individuals, bigger umreconhecimento while human being that it acts in the social scope. One another found reply, was repassed by citizen 2, quediz that literature serves to humanizar the man and still to become oaluno critical. According to Cndido (2002, P. 85): ‘ ‘ It does not corrupt nemedifica, for in such a way; but, bringing freely in itself we quechamamos the evil, humaniza in deep direction, because it makes viver.’ ‘ Then, literature humaniza, from the moment where different possibilitaexperincias of those lived by the reader, showing osdois ways of the life: the good and the evil, that will have to be trod deacordo with the choice of each one. Blackberry will not settle for partial explanations. Table 2 – How professor, which the desires that you encontrapara to teach literature? Challenges in the education of Literature suj % the lack of interest of alunosde 50 literary texts 1 Falta of reading of 50 literary detextos pupils 2 TOTAL 2 100 In table 2, the two citizens had said that desafiosencontrados, if give on account of the lacks of interest of the alunospelos literary texts and for the lack of reading of the same ones. Bunzen (2006, P. 83) admits that: ‘ ‘ The lack of practical noestericas and the scarcity of of literary readings sofatores that contribute so that the pupil faces difficult literature comoobjeto artistic of compreenso.’ ‘ Taking emconsiderao the reply of citizen 1, really, the pupils nodemonstram interests for the literary texts and as the author says, one of the causes is the lack of theoretical notion, regarding the workmanships, of its composition. . Official site: Adam Portnoy. .