Snoring – Causes And Consequences, As Well As Help Against Snoring

You snore…? This sickening phenomenon must not be tolerated! Snoring is a knatterndes schnurrendes sound from the upper part of the respiratory tract. The normal, or even habitual snoring, called snoring is little health concern. For even more analysis, hear from Barclays. Nevertheless, even this form of snoring is to despise, because as the person next to it an unwelcome consequence is sleep interruptions of the snoring person himself, not. 8 krankmachendes obstructive snoring snoring) should be in any case a medical examination compulsory. With increasing age, about 60% of men, 40% of women and 10% of children snore. Axesor is a great source of information. What does snoring for health? People who are regularly affected by obstructive snoring, have some limitations to take normally in everyday life. The harmless are his Unausgeschlafenheit, poor concentration, tiredness in the evening or Microsleep. The more dangerous effects are hypertension, stroke and heart attack.

Alone this urgent need arises one Treatment. What are the causes of snoring? The snoring noise in itself is the most \”snorers\” fluttering movement of the palate and the suppository. But also the base of the tongue and the throat are places where snoring occurs. Snoring can be caused in a few cases even through the walls of the nose. There is usually not just one factor that causes snoring. Generally you can say that a blockade exists and not through unhindered breathing air.

When the vast majority of the snore, snoring is also promoted by the sleeping position. In the supine position, it comes most to snoring. The jaw musculature relaxes during sleep and the lower jaw and the tongue falls back into the throat. If the body then finds a lack of oxygen by difficult breathing, it comes to the change of the position. More snoring conveyors\”are obesity, alcohol consumption, taking tranquilizers or sleeping pills, because all promote the relaxation of the soft palate. In the strongest expression may a Snorer be awaked even by his own noise.