Sixbreak Advantages

Sixbreak playfully expand the General knowledge at the Internet address is a new platform of knowledge today online. Basic principle is to publish knowledge in the form of simple quiz questions. While the players themselves become authors, because the quiz questions are asked of the players. Sixbreak is the platform for the first consistent user”generated online quiz. Players can easily create new questions: in addition to the question itself, the correct and 3 wrong answers, only one out of eight subject areas must be selected. And then there is still the rule: no question without source.

Any new quiz question must be backed by a reference on the Internet. If you incorrectly answer a question in a quiz, a matching articles can be directly opened with more information. It finally involves knowledge training and acquisition of knowledge. In contrast to other quiz pages, no fixed question sequences are played at Sixbreak. Sixbreak newly assembles each quiz on the basis of the collected issues of all players. Users logged-in have two at Sixbreak Advantages: As players collect knowledge points and can compete with other players. As authors, they have the opportunity, all quiz cards they created”than to start your own personal quiz.

This authors quiz”can be run not only on the Sixbreak Web site, but also linking to your own website. With launch of the alpha version, a pre-release version, which already dominates the central elements of the game is accessible the community quiz now on the Internet at. Source: Dr.