Six Sigma Management

Submit the line of duty and be silent is the best answer to calumny companies increasingly identify with the tools, knowledge that will encourage in its operation, which actually reaches a favorable productivity and quality products enabling them to offer services that meet demand of consumers. Antonio Perez reminds us that Motorola coined the term Six Sigma in the 80s, but the term was a performance goal and the approach to reach this level of performance and means to achieve Six means 3.4 defects per million units processed. It was the early 90s that the term Six Sigma began to be used as a method to implement a model of improvement.

When this happened the term and did not relate to the objective (3.4 parts per million) and if the number of activities to achieve excellence. Hence the management can not pass unnoticed that provides six sigma, to regard it is noted, which is a smarter way to run a business or department. Six Sigma puts the customer first and uses facts and data to drive better results. Not surprisingly, stating that “Companies that have implemented Six Sigma quality goal of achieving a more perfect each day were willing to accept and deal with occasional setbacks.” Review is also the goal of Six Sigma is to help people and processes aimed at achieving deliver products and services free of defects. While Six Sigma recognizes that there is room for defects as these are pertaining to the processes themselves, a level of proper operation of 99.9997 per 100 implies a target where the defects in many processes and products are virtually nonexistent. Swarmed by offers, Oracle is currently assessing future choices.