To further the functionality is not affected, but the appearance of a black hood with a filter to please the eye will be gone. Southwest Airlines is often quoted on this topic. Acrylic filters need to be changed, depending on how actively used extract, on average they are about 3 months. Some current models of hoods, for example, companies Miele and Siemens, are equipped with sensors, signal the need for filter change. In fact, the signal is triggered at the end of certain time, even when the hood is not used. Quite different to know about pollution filters provide an indicator: red LED indicates that the filter should be replaced. Despite the fact that the temptation acrylic wash the filter and put it back on very large, this is not worth it: carry out the function of such a liner will not be able to. And the cost of synthetic filter is low – usually no more than $ 100.

Carbon filters only necessary when using a recirculating exhaust mode. They should change less frequently than fat – about once a year. If the initially agreed that the hood will function in the removal, it is better not to put: no necessary to clean the air, which will still be displayed in a ventilation shaft, and the performance without additional constraints will be much higher. How to properly clean the hood are going to clean the hood, keep in mind that it is still the appliance, and to begin to de-energize it. Unplug the grease filter, wash drawing details are available, which could accumulate fat. If the hood is not built, be sure to wash and open surface of the dish detergent or a special tool for stainless steel products.

Modern materials can easily brush away, so take care of them quite simple. However, it is very dirty to soften the detergent. Never use abrasive cleaners, sponges and washcloths with hard surface – they scratch the hull extract. The buttons on the control panel – where the dust accumulates the most intense and hardest to remove. They should be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with detergent solution. Only after all the elements of drawing will be washed and wiped dry with a towel, you can will connect the device to a power source. Regular and competent care of kitchen hoods will get a result for which they buy and, moreover, will help prolong their lifespan. Dear appliances generally bought more than one year, so it is on the care depends largely on how they will look like next year, three or five. A reliable operation of all machinery manufacturer guarantee.