Show Suitable

How far can this artificial “hype” go? There was not always risky stunts in the past? “Everyone already noticed, how highly the media coverage is back, this time in the case of betting that?” A day after the death jump”the media reports about it as about a terrorist attack, and at once comes from all sides, even from politics, criticism without end, whether the television not was going too far, as regards the quota drive. Only it’s really too far? Not again and again there are shows with dangerous stunts and has happened until now nothing? “But we take the current example, betting that.?.” more specifically under the magnifying glass and the so-called death leap, which ultimately is to blame by their own inability. The said action didn’t work in the sample and then called for worldwide prayers and special broadcasts. That’s not too far, should now reward the stupid behavior, where an accident is in sight? Is it still? For the show by Thomas Gottschalk is a good promotion it again, even macabre to express it, if you take a closer look at it. “Finally was betting that?” already forever not more buzz and the odds of the broadcast were also most descend. But lives the show not just that absurd and dull performance to be accomplished? It looked so very strange when someone springs through the area hops, it is only suitable for the show only if it performs somersaults.

The somewhat mindless, poor and accident man, actually only made what many circus performers are known. You want to accomplish always sensational, thrilling and amazing performance or actions, short time all the rage to be. Just how to set to that in an audience, which are often only as far as a duck by the ability to think, which is feeding bread crumbs? And I must say that the comparison but rather would be an insult to the animal world.It only two possibilities remain, either the stunt claimed Funny bone or but he puts a potential degree of danger on the day. However, the level has declined the enthusiasm, if you so look what you can use to inspire the audience today.Once you let go the tightrope between the towers back and forth, then came knife thrower or trainer of the predators that lived by this interest. And how is it today? “Today you can the audience enjoy the one among the Super talents” as candidate promotes and spreads the firecracker in the ass. But I am focusing once again on the injured Samuel Koch, because I of course wish on each case speedy recovery, even though it was his own fault.

But where I definitely not will join, is the played hype, what concerns the compassion. “” Whether in the media or just social “networks” is. Not make such actions in humans, which completely innocent, a such Kismet are delivered or were? Did the accident candidate free pieces on the stunt took part. The whole thing is just too fake and too hysterical, me regarding this now also show suitable for compassion. We’re not people who have been buffeted by the Kismet really innocent and we owe eherMitgefuhl?