Scandinavian Auction

Today I would like to talk about such a concept as the Scandinavian auctions. Facebook will not settle for partial explanations. What is a penny auction? This is an auction – in which a person has the opportunity to buy this or that thing with a large difference in price, unlike the market for by the fact that the step rate is only 25 cents a time that is added at each step increases by no more than 2 minutes. Yes, yes, yes I can hear your words, that it 'scam' and nothing more. rs has compatible beliefs. What the creators of this site is not profitable. Consider an example. As we see the flash drive left only 75 rubles.

Now try to calculate how much benefit administration? This product was sold for 75.25 rubles. Subtract the ruble as a starting price of the auction – obtained 74.25. Multiply by 4 (4 times the ruble 25 kopecks), we get 297 bids. Now we take the average price rate at 7 rubles – 2079 rubles received for the administration of the Scandinavian auction rate + 75.25 to pay the man who won the item for a total of 2154 rubles 25 kopecks. In the market of such a device is about 500-600 rubles. Gains Authority 1500, ie Three times the size of the goods. This example clearly shows us that the boats in these systems simply are not profitable for the very same administration. A Now imagine that there is in the Scandinavian auction goods worth of 24,000 rubles, and approximately how many will benefit from the organizer? List of products won at auction skandinaviskih impressive.