Eastern cultures known chakras for millennia. Even the Mayans already knew them. Know something about them is not so important how to activate them. And you want to enable them because they are the way to fill energy, vitality, success, wealth, power and a long etcetera. What does chacra (or chakra)? These discs or rotating wheels, which is precisely what it means in Sanskrit word Chakra, are mentioned by the vedas, to refer to the energy centers of the body. Seven major and many chakras there are other secondary that correspond to the so-called acupuncture points. Modern science, with its discoveries, associated chakras with the endocrine glands of the body.

This is only an approximation, because technically speaking the chakras (see I use the word with c and k interchangeably) are things that correspond to the upper body of the human being, but this approximation of the glands is quite acceptable as a starting point. These centers, or disks, are presented in shape shape of swirls, turning, by the energy field that surrounds the physical body and is composed of successive layers of energy that vibrate at ever higher frequencies. Each chakra has a front and a back, except the first and the seventh. All of them are United by an energetic channel that runs along the spine. Recall here that we are talking about the seven main. Because if we take all the chakras or swirls present in humans these Irian from under two feet up above the Crown. If the chakras operate normally, they will rotate in a certain sense and it is said that they are open.

When they turn in the opposite direction, say that they are closed. This open or closed is more something related to consciousness. An open farm gives access to some level of information. When does not rotate in the proper direction, the door that leads to this information remains closed. It is important to open the chakras to gain access to certain information and associated special power levels to them. For example the chakra of the heart is associated with abundance, wealth and power. Other chakras are associated with clairvoyance, remember past lives, etc. The ajna chakra for example related to travel or astral projection among other things. Practices to activate the chakras ranging from control of breathing to really painful practices. Why most people prefer to live with these farms closed. Fortunately for us, it is now possible to stimulate the chakras of comforting and easy way and in the privacy of your home. The only thing you need to do is use the novel acoustic technology to stimulate every one of your seven chakras main. This technology uses acoustic audio to bring his mind to an altered state of consciousness.