Roman Empire

At its organizational design is the genesis of the hierarchy that applies even today within the Catholic church and so-called a Padres of Iglesiaa who decided the content of the Bible in the famous Council are the heirs and successors of the first Bishops named Paul in the cities he considered a clavesa for the development of his scheme. Paul is the a inventora , a disenadora the structure of the Catholic Church as an institution and its ultimate goal was to make the new religion, under its organizational fee, came to be the official religion of the Roman Empire, for that would guarantee not only survival but the most widely disseminated by virtually the entire known world at that time, that goal was achieved when the Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and proclaimed that this was the official religion of the empire, since that time the Christian religion was associated with earthly power in the person of the emperor of Rome which allowed him to eventually become a power comparable to that of the empire itself, in fact without the sanction of the church, the emperor was naked of legality, in a nutshell that was the seed for the creation of the state of the Vatican and the Pope’s absolute authority (the Pope) as a emperadora spiritual of all Christians ..