Retention Management

Incentive systems, career models and working time models serve the employee retention especially in times of the specialist and executives lack it applies to companies existing key employees in the long term to the company to bind. As a result, more companies the retention discover management for themselves. The primary objective of retention management lies in the long-term commitment of service providers in companies with different concepts. As objectives of part of management of retention among other things the reduction of costs for the recruitment, minimizing the time period between vacancy and occupation of important positions within the company or also avoiding staff transfers to its immediate competitor listed. It isn’t management at the retention, zero to reach a turnover of size, especially since a certain fluctuation promotes renewal of the workforce structure and thus the possibility of entry of new or additional expertise. What does retention management for companies? In a first step It requires the identification of key employees, which have enormous expertise or extensive practice experience or occupy a key position, because the binding of these employees the retention centers management. A targeted retention management is characterized by various approaches and concepts. Most approaches such as incentive systems, career and working time models have become in entrepreneurial practice.

The incentive systems, a distinction is made between tangible and intangible characteristics. The material incentive systems include, for example, variable salary, bonuses, or also called fringe benefits, which can be in the form of laptops, cell phones or even alluring. Intangible incentive systems usually refer the career and career planning including the necessary personnel development measures. The employed career models find themselves generally in terms of the management careers, the professional careers, as well as the project careers. While the Management career by means of qualification and performance levels developed, carried out the development of the professional career advanced manoeuvre or the use of expert knowledge.