From the standpoint of the manufacturer Representatives of this group are most preferred as customers. At a meeting in the office or on the production of these customers are coming, usually well prepared. Valuing their time, not wasting time designers and designers. They do not dictate a "stupid" its own terms, and express wishes, listen to the arguments of experts of the enterprise and quickly make decisions that have "it" or not. In a word, discuss and approve the project is fast and efficient for both parties. In addition, when such relationships are perceived positively the proposal of a variety of additional options and use of materials and accessories a class higher than previously assumed. We need only present a convincing argument, and a qualified specialist will always find the necessary words at the right time. With all the positive aspects of the approach of this group of customers who want to celebrate and difficulties that may face furniture manufacturers in such relationships.

The high level of professionalism of the individual employees did not always correspond to that of the company in whole or in individual units involved in the production process. We mean complete lack of a uniform standard of quality or poor quality control throughout the production chain, to "exit" from Enterprise and installation. Therefore, an impression which will make for a client of the firm, can be reduced to "no" to a careless worker. Often this happens when installing on an address where a customer, before communicating with competent designer or a sales specialist, comes face to face with the unmotivated to the high level of service and quality work of the employee.