Remove Internal Barriers

One of the biggest controversies of the money is the result that some people possess it in abundance, others on average and many people living with too many shortcomings, then it is easy to think that an equitable distribution of wealth, there is but that concept is wrong, prosperity is a personal decision. Firstly you need to understand that wealth is a State, is an internal condition of people, if you study the history of hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy prosperity will be account that many of them began their fortunes from scratch, then if it is possible for others, logically should be possible for each of us. Another fundamental principle that his mind must accept is that there is enough abundance for all, where people change of mentality then abundance will presenting on an exceptional basis, that is the secret of the truly prosperous Nations. This idea of an inadequate distribution is absurd, because each one of us have great capabilities to transform our lives and if we accept this theory then ourselves we are condemning to accept excuses in our lives, if we do nothing it will change and we will be tied to mediocrity. Each of us are exceptional beings and we have gifts and powers that have been granted us, abundance is only a belief in a person’s mind, is not necessarily linked to intelligence or work, it is a State, if we want to change our situation then we should pursue the desired condition. And what is the first step? Without a doubt it is delete any belief negative with respect to the money, for example if I say that your meal will be 8 rats in barbecue sauce, her reaction is probably of repudiation, but in reality it is unpleasant to eat rats in barbecue sauce? Not necessarily, it is only a concept in your mind, I can assure you that if from a young age we had heard that this dish was something exquisite then their senses were conditioned to taste the dish, i.e. your belief determines the material world, then once information is stuck in his mind he has to be able to and their world is an expression of their belief system.