Reinaldo Silva

How much to its abrangncia, the control can occur in three levels: strategical, tactical and operacional’ ‘. 2.3. Organizacional environment On the elements and organizacional environment Reinaldo Silva (2007, p.48) detaches that ‘ ‘ many different forces are and inside of the organization they influence the administrative performance. These forces are originated in the general environment, the environment of the tasks and the internal environment of organizaes’ ‘. These elements are presented by Hiss. (2007, p.48), through spheres that represent as the company is organized.

The elements of the organizacional environment FIGURE 1 Source: It hisses (2007, p.48) the elements of the internal environment of the searched organization consist of proprietor, employees, administrator and physical environment. Distributed in the corresponding levels, these, with its abilities corroborate for the good administrative performance of the company. It hisses (2007, P. 54) standes out that: ‘ ‘ The people are, perhaps, the more valuable internal resource of an organization, because they are its vital energy. The people to provide knowledge, abilities and dirigem what she creates, keep and develop organizaes’ ‘. In the internal environment of organization the general administrator has the mission to play the administrative functions with the purpose to reach the results established for the proprietor.

As for the physical environment, this, influence directly in the attainment of these ends. Sample hisses (2007, P. 54) that: The physical environment can have the most diverse configurations, and the installations can be in an only plan or diverse floors, an only place or some different, next or distant places. Advantages and disadvantages in these aspects related to the physical environment exist. Still on the internal environment a question that must be presented as an important point inside of the company is the topical environment.