Registration Permit Issued

For seven years, our center provides business application of industrial, construction and service industries and in-demand workers with cheap kadrami.Moskovsky Personnel Center "Garant" offers cooperation. If you came to check the FMS and you think that their actions are biased towards your organization, our specialists are ready to leave for an hour to an object and stand up for your interests using the normative acts of Russian legislation, as well as the accumulated years of administrative resources of our company. Under the current legislation in Russia is set to attract and licensing procedure use by employers of foreign workers. Employers have the right to recruit and employ foreign workers only in the presence of a work permit. In turn, a foreign citizen (except – Citizens of the Republic of Belarus) has the right to work in the territory of the Russian Federation only after a permit to work in the form of a plastic card. What possible responsibility if you do not make out a work permit in the prescribed manner? In accordance with recent changes in legislation administrative responsibility (a fine), the employer is from 250 000 to 800 000 rubles.

for each illegal worker. Planned inspections do not happen. Only the sudden. Particularly the risk of major U.S.! Counterfeit documents are checked instantly, and with high quality counterfeits within 1-2 days (according to the state information system of migration registration.) For fraud and forgery criminally liable. SOLUTION: We will issue your employees on the staff of the Moscow Personnel Center Guarantor, and give them Your organization under a contract provision personala.V contract includes: HR administration of salary tax services Surrender all reporting a work permit for Production Migration Service Monitoring and assistance in obtaining honey. books this way, all the legal responsibility lies with our company!