The present article has as subject Histories in quadrinhos: ‘ ‘ Group of the Mnica Jovem’ ‘ the contribution of its discursivo content in the behavior and learning of the readers. Through it, it is intended to understand as the sequential art, worked in histories in quadrinhos, explicitou the transformations of the personages throughout decades, contributing to show the behavior of its readers and to display subjects and subjects current (and excellent at some moments) for its public when using the direct speech in the junction of texts and drawings. In this perspective, the boarding of the discursivo content and the image as communicators if join and form the sequential art, associating texts and images, as form of used communication in histories in quadrinhos. The evolution of the magazines of ‘ ‘ Group of the Mnica’ ‘ , until launching of ‘ ‘ Group of the Mnica Jovem’ ‘ , she brought to baila conflicts and interests lived for its public at each time, without losing the playful enchantment, but questioning parents, critics and readers on aspects as: preconception, standards of beauty, consumerism, sexuality, style, friendship, amongst others, that will be boarded of form if to make to understand until point the transformations of histories had contributed for the development and accompaniment of its readers. The magazine folloied the reality lived for its public, polemizando questions and diversifying the agreements of the readers. In this context, the evolution of the magazine, in more than forty years of history, will portray its transformations, since the creation, for the cartunista Maurcio de Sousa in the year of 1970, until the launching of ‘ ‘ Group of the Mnica Jovem’ ‘ in the year of 2008..