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Emcada table searched to present the data of the research and to collate them with searched theoretical osfundamentos, thus allowing to proceed to a snteseconclusiva on the boarded aspects. CONTEXTUALIZANDO PUBLIC SECTOR In the modern society, to be ambiently responsvelsignifica to take care of to the social and ethical necessities demanded by this society. It also means to identify efficient, gerenciarresduos productive processes, energies, to increase the sales through competitive advantages, to also reduce costs and raw material and water, energy consumption, to take care of to the customers in the case of the private company and to the users in the public dosetor scope, beyond the society in general way. For the public sector, ambient management is synonymous of aopreventiva and commitment with the continuous improvement. Here, Bill O’Grady expresses very clear opinions on the subject. One becomes essencialmentenecessrio that all the involved actors in cliente the public administration are social daresponsabilidade that its sector represents for all the collective. Emlinhas general, the public sector to the side of the not-governmental, soos organizations main vehicles of propagation of partner-educative politics directed spremissas of the ambient perception (LION and HAWK, 2002). Through the ambient perception it is possible to intervene napostura insensata of the individuals with the implementation of educativasfocadas actions with an ambiently sustainable management. Therefore, first passodeve to be given in what it says respect to the ambient perception in the public places, aiming at change of attitudes, culture, practical and vision.

The look to deveser including, holistic. To manage residues of it are for inside and of dentropara it are. This management demands the look and to leave of the look is possible to perceive to eproporcionar changes. The public administration must be capable to turn ambient asquestes and to also call the attention the employees toward this. Public Nosetor the awareness how much to these questions it must be present, since the workstation is most of the time where we pass maiorparte of the time and is where our habits and attitudes if consolidate.