How to learn to read quickly, and same time, thoughtful? How not to reread the text several times? How not to fall asleep on the first pages of boring text? You want to find the answers to these questions? And it also happens that you just need to convey information to others, it is necessary that they understand it, hearken to its essence What interested them to what you say? How to make them listen? How to make sure that they are not just heard and understood, but went for you, make your decision, your point of view? How to convince them to what he said? And one more thing now there has been a trend that you, dear readers, probably knew. Many people have a high enough level of income, they have appeared free money and a desire to invest, invest in a serious, ambitious project to create a "foundation for the future." Sound familiar, does not it? And now we think together about what we all want in life Personal growth? Certainly yes! Each of us strives for continuous self-development, self-improvement The achievement of harmony? You can not live comfortably without finding harmony with the world and society, with family and friends, and of course same with myself Prosperity? Do not you aspire to success, prosperity? And does prosperity is not their sign? Financial success? Is it possible to achieve without all of the above goals? Financial success – One of the main tools to achieve them. .