"Not much it will cost me out to the last penny," laughed Daniel "All I have is this house and a very limited income with my work. If it is true what you think of it, we can not have many ambitions. Do not worry, I will not sell the house. They remain as a legacy. I promise. "I do not want any legacy," the first son did not just want us to go through the embarrassment of having to inform all our acquaintances who want to marry. By God, dad! If young people are now reluctant to marry. They prefer coexistence, Oeno compromisoa as it is possible that at your age you're thinking of doing?.

"Maybe so. Because I'm young, "said Daniel with a laugh Probably because I belong to another generation. The generation of commitment .- "Do not be silly Daddy, – said the second son," You have to understand that the idea makes no sense. None of us disagree that you have your personal affairs. Have you ever wondered about. "I never have asked me about my life, because there never have been interested in a sharp," said Daniel. Since your mother died have drifted apart a little every day of my thoughts, my feelings and my life. Now, because they are against an idea that seems absurd, suddenly found the time so we all gathered to debate the issue. They know how long ago that we met the four alone?. No, most likely do not know, I've also forgotten.