Power Point

The lesson initiated at the first moment with the presentation and application of the questionnaire that approached relative questions to the lesson to be executed that it would serve for the survey of the level of knowledge on the thematic one that she would be boarded in the room. The lesson transcorreu with the received one to the students, through the dynamics of the teia, that represented the importance that each citizen has stops with the environment, showing that if it makes necessary the collective work of the individuals so that really has support in our planet, this dynamics emphasizes that the work of collective form corroborates not only for the stability of a person, but to all that they are part of half. After that the lesson continued with the communication and quarrel of the content, through the previous knowledge on the thematic one, then later for illustrations, through images in the date show, with presentation in Power Point of the ambient alterations caused by the man in everybody and the city of Garanhuns, such as: climatic pollution, changes, exploration of the biodiversity (flora and fauna) of illegal form and deforestation, being this most boarded. The participation of the students was receptive images, therefore many of them identified to its quarter and the state where the same it met, due to the pollutions. Others told to know places that the images showed as point of commercialization of wild animals. After this presentation in which the students had participated actively, we continue the activity with a teatral part of Sitio of it pricks yellow wood, in which the personages of the puppet interacted with the students, questioning the same ones on the explained contents later. To finish the part bingo was carried through by the personages ecological that also it approached relative questions to the communication of the lesson. Before finishing the lesson, it was again delivers questionnaire the same to the students to verify if it had evolution of the knowledge studied during the pedagogical intervention.