‘ The true leader if becomes known for exploring the possibilities and becomes them reais.’ ‘ To lead is not to occupy a position in a department or in way the people, to lead are more than this, is a way of being natural. When the leader it is par excellence in the distance does not import that it is of led its, it is the leader. Not because he wants and yes for to be leader of soul and essence, he possesss called Elohim (God).Landmarks 6:7 the 13 ‘ ‘ It called Jesus the twelve and it started to send them of two the two, giving authority to them on the dirty espritos. It commanded to them that nothing they led for the way, except a pilgrim’s staff; nor bread, nor saddlebag, nor money; that they were paved of sandals and they did not use two tnicas. recommended to them: When to enter in some house, you remain there until leaving of the place. If in some place not to receive you to hear nor you, to sairdes from there, I shook the dust of the feet, in witness thereof against them.

Then, leaving they, nailed to the people who if repented; they expelled many demons and they cured numerous patients, ungindo them with leo.’ ‘The commissioners for Jesus had accurately fulfilled what Jesus determined, Jesus exactly not having IDO with them.Apostolo Pablo is a great example to lead in the distance, decided the conflicts through letters that today we assist when we pass for the same problems in the local churches. Who recognizes the authority of who leads does not have difficulty to obey, but when the led one does not understand the leader or its ranks it is because in the reality its heart is ambitious and it does not have kingdom vision or evangelho.