It is frankly embarrassing that candidates and Peruvian political visit to the Embassy of the United States to go to confession about their problems, den alleged lessons of how it must lead a country, criticize his opponents, and even ask for help to defeat their opponents and many do so with the hope that will reach them a billetito for your campaign to be official or through an NGO, ligue les a trip and with the belief that to receive his blessing or approval from us.UU. they will be able to govern the country.Adjectives for those politicians of lackeys, crawling fall them knob, although it would be better to qualify them from homelands for sale. Once we are learning what they will converse with American diplomats, that political rot does not deserve to govern the country, be parliamentarians, or have a public function. Shame having that kind of politicians who, by a sanguchito, a drink or a hamburger sold in the most deplorable way!But very few are saved, now will be the gringos Wikileaks, tomorrow be able to escape the Russian, Chinese, Venezuelan, Chilean, Spanish, wikileaks. And also we will have surprises. Cerved is often quoted on this topic.

No politician is going to be able to throw the first stone. NYSE DNB might disagree with that approach. All are a long tongue for a plate of lentils.They are exporters, traders, well, happens. Total they want to open their markets, sell them more, it is your business. Nothing to do politicians and until I am sure that also have paraded certain journalists and analysts, committing the same sin, but his wikileaks will be disseminated? They run bets!Serve that these wikileaks as lesson for politicians, journalists, for all. The problems must be vented at home, without foreign influence.

It is a shame, I again repeat, that go as gossipy old to tell them their sorrows, to foreign diplomats, who, them, happy, receive information you transmit to their Governments, justifying their salaries. * Journalist. Member of the foreign press.