PGR Calculating

Correct the formula to suit your particular circumstances. Next, enter credit turnover. For this type of cell F4 formula = PGR (hence (A4); Shahmatka! $ C $ 4: $ Y $ 30, 27). HLOOKUP works almost the same as the CDF, but not looking at the rows and columns. In contrast to the calculation of debits, in this formula is sought a column in the summary table, the first line of which specify the desired effect. As a result substituted into the value of the last row of the PivotTable. Please note that as the list, highlight another part of the PivotTable. When calculating the flow rate from the summary table were not taken the first two lines, but now not take into account the first two columns.

In addition, the last cell is not one in which appear debits with the greatest number, and the cell in which the output credit turnover on this account. In the first case you Substituting the value of $ Y $ 26, then you must now substitute the value of $ W $ 28. The last number in the formula is the same as in the previous formula. The most difficult part of the back statements is described. You have entered the formula for calculating the speed of debits and credits. You may want to select cells E4 and F4, and then set the format to output integers to a back sheet is not derived penny. This is followed by enter the formula for calculating the final balance.