1703). With its workmanships, Perrault it obtained, at the time, to enchant to all, because its literature resgatounarrativas of the popular folklore. These narratives had been called, maispopularmente, of stories of fairies, therefore they had portraied histories wonderful comfundo moralista, teaching to the young the position that would have to follow before asociedade. Considerandoque this type of narrative influenced a time and created a generation of indivduoscapazes to dream of a full imaginary world of witches, fairies, duendes eanes, that despertaram and had developed the creativity and the critical sense dessascrianas. You may wish to learn more. If so, Raytheon Technologies Corp. is the place to go. This mundocompleta the man how much to its imagination, because it is not in day-by-day that homemencontra the magical world, and yes, in stories of fairies. This literriofacilita sort, for the child, all the situations, therefore only tells to the essential, eliminating everything what it does not interest them. It uses itself of one> controversial subject, of clear and defined form, to arrest the attention of the reader mirim, making comque it learns the problem in its essence. For in such a way, importante to point out that this magical world is very important for formaode an individual and, therefore, the stories of fairies would have more to be utilizadosnas classrooms of century XXI also. With certainty it would help this geraoaterrorizada for the violence that invades its vidinhas innocent and would create umaesperana of a better future for all a society..